After enjoying “the fun part of town” during his summer holiday, Mark looks at getting his juicing weight loss journey back on track WITHOUT doing a juice only reboot / detox.

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Holiday Excess

Holidays are tricky times of the year.

Its a time to relax, kick back and share quality time with family and friends.

The problem is that not all my family and friends share my views in what constitutes a healthy diet.

Furthermore, when you are away from home and away from the juicer it can be more challenging to make the right decisions.

All of this is fine of course. I have always maintained that feeding your soul by sharing quality time friends and family is just as important as feeding our bodies with natural, wholesome food.

It’s all about balance. Although, when the balance isn’t right, the results can be a little alarming. 12 lbs in three weeks did take me a bit by surprise!

Getting Back On Track – Are You In The Detox / Reboot Trap?

Holidays are over. It’s back home to my Optimum juicer and blender and back to more regular work routines.

In order to get back on track there is a temptation is to head straight into a five or seven day detox / reboot plan.

I know that many people do this and it is perfectly fine, I have done it myself on numerous occasions.

In fact I even posted, at the beginning of this week, that I was going to complete a five day detox.

Then I got thinking…

My whole objective is to have a sustainable, healthy existence that is free from a diet mentality.

But I consider a detox / reboot a diet. Let me tell you why…

A detox / reboot is a prescribed program of nutritional intake for a prescribed period of time – sounds pretty close to a diet to me.

Don’t get me wrong.

Juice only detoxing / rebooting is very valuable and an excellent way to tackle some chronic conditions and kick start a healthy approach to food and nutrition.

What worries me is a seemingly ever increasing number of people who jump from one detox / reboot to the next.

One after the other.

The Detox Trap I call it.

Maybe you can maintain a way of life doing this for months but what about a year? Two years? Five years?

A lifetime?

I don’t believe that is can be sustainable for the very long term.

So I decided that a detox / reboot wasn’t for me on this occasion.

Eat close to nature

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Getting Back to Basics

So the challenge was laid.

Fight back against the holiday excesses without completing a detox / reboot? Was it possible How was it to be done?

I simply went back to basics.

I adopted the routine that had seen me achieve weight loss of over 80 lbs, and energy and vitality that I thought I had waved goodbye to in my late twenties!

The routine that isn’t always easy but has a really simple principle…

Eat as close to nature as much as you can

The way I apply this principle?

I consume a freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices for breakfast and lunch.

In the evenings I eat a healthy and predominantly plant based meal.

I try and stay away from dairy, refined white flour, refined sugar, animal protein and processed foods of all kinds.

I eat the foods that my body is optimised for.

And I stick to this as closely as I can Monday to Friday.

The weekends can be very variable. It depends on what we are doing as a family.

Some Things I NEVER Do

1) Never restrict

If you really fancy a piece of cake. Have a piece of cake. But have it mindfully. Understand the impact of your decision.

2) Never feel guilt

If you you do succumb to temptation, don’t worry about it. Wallowing in guilt won’t help. Pick yourself back up and move on.  Never allow guilty feelings to give you permission to completely sabotage your journey.

3) Never ever give up

The most important.

The journey for achieving health and well being is a marathon and not a sprint. It is a journey full of pitfalls and highs and lows.

As long as you make more positive healthy decisions than unhealthy ones? Then you are winning.

You only have to look as my weight loss chart to see my highs and lows but the trend is undeniable.

Juicing for Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 30 Aug 2014

Does NOT Detoxing / Rebooting Work?

Yes and, more importantly, I believe that it is a properly sustainable lifestyle.

I have been living pretty close to this way for 12 months and I can easily see myself continuing like this for the rest of my life.

The great thing is that others who are close to me are starting to appreciate it as a viable option as well. Not only supporting me in my choices but starting to investigate it as an option for themselves.

Juicy News

My juicy news for this week is that I have lost just over 8lbs in the last 7 days.

I feel energised and I know that I am getting back on track and it feels wonderful!


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