When juicer envy strikes there is no hiding!

Juicing Journal: Time To Upgrade Your Juicing Equipment?

When To Upgrade Your Juicer?

Here we are, a couple of weeks away from my juicing anniversary. The time has gone so quickly and my health has changed so much in those few short months. Its amazing what your body can do if you give it the environment it needs to thrive.

I have been using my centrifugal juicer for most of the last year and it has served me well. In fact it has done a terrific job considering it started out making juice for just myself. Then the production requirement increased to include juices for my wife. Then the requirement increased again to include juices for my eldest daughter! Its a wonder it has survived but it has and it is still going strong!

Juicer envy!

Most juicers will suffer from juicer envy at some point. Stuff that I never thought I would ever think or worry about (or even knew existed) suddenly became incredibly important. Things like nutrient quality, ease of cleaning, noise levels, wetness of the pulp and yield can force you to intensively research and look longingly at all sorts of juicing machinery!

For me, juicer envy struck a couple of months ago whilst attending one of Neil’s Natural Juice Junkie workshops.

Neil had brought along a couple of juicers and a blender to make up some fresh juices for his audience.  I couldn’t believe how different the juicing experience was with these machines compared to the one I was using at home. After that evening I took more of an interest in the different juicers and blenders that are on the market with a view to getting my own equipment upgraded as soon as I could.

Juicer Trials

Fortunately, since juicer envy caught me in its grip, I have had a chance to try several juicers and blenders. From the very cheap centrifugal type of juicer to the mid range centrifugal’s to the more costly cold press style. Similarly I tried several types of blender for making soups and smoothies. They all got put through their paces (we are a high juice and smoothie output family).

Key criteria for me, in no particular order of importance, was:

  • Yield – I make a lot of juice. Vegetables and fruits can be a little expensive in the UK so yield is important to me. I want to extract every little drop of nutrient from the produce I buy so seeing dry pulp in the collector is one of my primary concerns.
  • Juice quality – I juice every night for the following day for three people. I follow the storage rules. Minimise air, light and keep the juice cold, but I am conscious that despite doing all of this there is going to be some nutrient loss, especially when using a centrifugal juicer. Having great juice quality means I am maximising my nutrient intake and maximising my investment in my health. Slow, cold press juicers are the way to go in this area.
  • Noise – Some juicers are loud! I quite often end up making juices after my two youngest have gone to bed for the evening. Minimising disruption to them is another key consideration.
  • Ease of cleaning – When you are making lots of juice you have to do lots of cleaning. It’s a fact, it’s a chore, no escaping it! Some juicers are much more of a fiddle to clean than others and I would rather spend that extra cleaning time making juice or in the company of my family!
  • Flexibility – My centrifugal juicer juiced. That’s it, that’s all it could do. It did it very well but it was a bit limited. The juicer that Neil showed us at his live event could do so much more. Frozen deserts, nut butters and nut milks to name a few. It seemed like getting the right piece of equipment would open up so many other opportunities.
  • Blending power! – Being able to cope with whatever you put in it. Nothing makes my family turn their noses up at one of my concoctions more than having unblended bits of avocado or banana floating around in a smoothie. The blender has to be able to cope with whatever you can throw at it.
  • Blending capacity – The bigger the capacity the easier and less time consuming it is to feed a family of five. There is nothing worse than having to make a recipe in batches!
  • Value for money – Lots of things contribute to the value for money equation. What am I getting for the money that I’m spending is a question that we all ask ourselves when making a considered purchase. All of the things mentioned above plus warranty, post sales service and peace of mind all feature in our assessment of value. When you have a family there are always lots of competing drains on your finances. I have to be happy that I am getting good value for money.

The Outright Winner?

The last couple of months has taught me that there is no substitute for actually using the various types of equipment for yourself. Even equipment whose specifications looked incredibly close on paper turned out to be quite different in the flesh.

So my winners?

I was a little surprised actually.

Usually you have to make some compromises when assessing equipment against a wishlist. I had to make no concessions at all with the eventual winner.  Far and away the best equipment, the equipment that exceeded all of my key criteria and now forms the foundation of my wellness war chest is the the Optimum 400 Slow Juicer and the Optimum 9400 blender.

Juicing Journal: Time To Upgrade Your Juicing Equipment?

If you want to find out more you can click the links below:

One more product that interests me is the Optimum 600 Big Mouth Cold Press juicer that is due to be launched in September 2014. The benefits of a slow masticating juicer but without the need to prep the ingredients! You can find more details here:

I am so happy to have this equipment. I know they will continue to allow me to maintain a healthy way of living for my family and myself  but the opportunities they have now opened up will also allow me to try and make other healthy foods at home.  They will also give me countless other blogging opportunities!


Juicy News

Another record! I lost almost another 1,5 lbs this week. That makes over 82 lbs since I started juicing!

This weeks weight loss only sounds like a modest weight loss but I am running over 30 km per week on the cross trainer at the moment and that must be improving my muscle mass.




Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss 3 Aug 2014

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