Last night saw the US premiere of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2 and the return of Phil Staples. Many, however, will be surprised to see that after the first film, Phil regained 200 pounds.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2: Phil Staples (and his 200 pound weight gain)

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a potential publisher for the book I am writing and was explaining how I’ve come to understand that the way we feel about ourselves is almost certainly MORE important in regaining and sustaining health than anything else.

If we are not in good place emotionally, we can easily sabotage our own dreams. Our emotions can often control our actions, and blaming ourselves for the imperfections in our lives can lead us to seek comfort by reverting to addictions like junk foods and alcohol.

Comfort Eating

I believe part of this comes from a sense of security. Crazy as is may sound, if you’ve ever been in a place where overeating or excessive drinking was your normal day to day existence, you may feel more “at home” in that lifestyle than the unknown of being healthy, especially when you have set backs and unforeseen troubles in your life.

Being sick or overweight may also make you feel more significant. I’m not sure I ever really enjoyed being called names like “big guy” when I was heavy, but it did make me feel like there was something special about me. Even if that something was how I was killing myself with my lifestyle.

“I Was The Poster Boy For Weight Loss … Then I Gained 200 Pounds”

In an article on Mind Body Green, Phil Staples has shared how he went from being the poster boy for weight loss and successful change, to isolating himself from the world and numbing the pain of a divorce with greasy, processed, sweet food until he was again weighing in at more than 400 pounds.

After the original Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Phil stayed in good shape, running and swimming and eating lots of vegetables for 3 years. He got married after a whirlwind romance and pinned all of his hopes and dreams on the relationship, but then it sadly ended.

“I knew the name of every person at the Wendy’s drive-in window”

“The marriage ended badly. I couldn’t believe that I was alone, and divorced again,” says Phil, “Time passed and my heartbreak didn’t heal — in fact, it seemed to get worse and after a few months set off a major depression.”

“I stopped shopping for nutritious groceries, going for a swim or calling a friend. My beloved juicer gathered dust, but I knew the name of every person at the Wendy’s drive-in window.”

The good news is that no matter how many setbacks or imperfections, if you can let things go and forgive yourself, you make the first step in getting back on course.

Phil says “Joe and his team left me about a million voicemail messages, letting me know they were working on the follow-up film. One day, I realised I couldn’t hide from them any longer. I screwed up my courage and called Joe back. I told him that I had failed — failed myself, failed him and failed all of the Rebooters all over the world.”

Joe said to Phil, “Well mate, let’s get you some help.”

I believe that in order to create the life we desire, acceptance is the first step.

We must recognise where we are, and decide where we want to be. When we accept where we are and know where we want our journey to take us, we can then explore the many roads that lead us to it.

How does Phil feel having made the decision to accept his set back and share the next chapter of his story?

“So now everybody knows. Knows that the guy who they saw at the end of the first movie was really successful … until he wasn’t. That he slid backwards and wound up right where he started. I’m sure some people are disappointed and I have to live with that. But now that the secret is out, I feel free and you know what? Freedom feels wonderful.”

Accepting and loving yourself is the most important thing you will ever do. I admire Phil for sharing his story so openly and wish him health and happiness for the future.

Peace, love and juice,



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