How Do I Guarantee My Juicy Journey Will Be A Success?

During the last few weeks I got to thinking about what makes for a successful juicy lifestyle. I think one of the common features in most people that have a successfully healthy juicy lifestyle is their support network.

When you are prepared to take yourself out of your comfort zone and when you are prepared to take back control over your health and well being, it is much much easier if you do it with a bunch of like minded people.

I’m lucky and blessed to have a family who are incredibly supportive of my juicy lifestyle. In fact my wife and eldest daughter are juicers too! I do appreciate that not everyone has their very own juicy family so close to them so I would suggest asking yourself a few questions.

5 Questions to Help You Succeed on Your Juicing Journey

Having a juice buddy or juicing family around can make a huge difference to your success:

  • Who can you go to for encouragement?
  • Who can you go to for information?
  • Who can you go to for inspiration?
  • Who can lift you when you are down?
  • Who can cheer you when you succeed?

This is one of the key things I have discovered in my juicy journey so far.

People who love themselves enough to take care of their own health are incredibly loving and supportive of others that want to do the same.

Its a compulsion, they cant help it!

When you scratch below the surface of the juicing world you will find it to be full of supportive, helpful and caring individuals.

It can be quite breathtaking. Just take a look at some of the Twitter, Facebook feeds, blogs and websites and you will find levels of support and information that you never though possible! And more often than not it’s absolutely free!

How Do I Find Juicy Inspirational People?

All you have to do is look.

Juicy inspirational people are everywhere! The internet and social media make so many things accessible, all you have to do is look and you will find them.

I was lucky enough to meet some more juicy inspirational people in the last week.

The first was at an event in Nottingham. I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Wake Up to Health seminar just over a week ago.


The Wake Up to Health seminars are organised by a lovely couple called Robert and Sue Olifent who have had to take on cancer and beaten it by making radical changes in their approach to their diet, among other things.

Their passion for their message about health and nutrition is undeniable and they have written a book about their experiences as well as regularly supporting individuals and hosting informative events. Their desire to share knowledge and help those that they come into contact with is incredibly inspiring and I hope that we keep in contact for many months and years to come.

I met some lovely people that evening and I felt that everyone learnt a great deal and expressed a lot of warmth towards Robert and Sue. If you would like to know a bit more about their story you can take a look at their web site

The second event was a juicing workshop, again held in Nottingham, and this time hosted by my friend Neil Martin aka The Natural Juice Junkie.

It is no secret that Neil provided me with the inspiration I needed to start on my juicing journey and has been a constant provider of support and encouragement ever since. I am indebted to him and support his endeavors whenever I can.  It’s because of this that I attended his workshop last week and what a night it was!

The placed was packed!

Who knew that Nottingham had so many juice enthusiasts! You could not have squeezed (no pun intended) another body in there and again I felt the camaraderie that was evident in the room was amazing!

Natural Juice Junkie Workshop

Again, I met some lovely people at that workshop but I was particularly lucky enough to meet someone I had interacted with via Twitter over the last few months.

Paul Butcher and his wife Deborah attended the event and for me they typify what juicing is about. They have a vibrancy and enthusiasm about them and they live active and healthy lives. It was great to meet them and there are so many juicy people like them. You cant help but get carried along on your juicy journey with people like that around!

I guess the message I want to share is this:

You don’t have to do this alone.

In fact I positively discourage it!

Go out, physically or virtually, and find other juicy, like minded people! Go and grab a juice buddy or find your juicing family.

We will all enjoy success as a result, it’s almost guaranteed!

My juicy news for the last couple of weeks?

I gained just under 1 lb which I am more than happy with considering it’s been a week of birthday celebrations for two of my daughters.


Juicing for Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 15 Sep 2014

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