Is it getting harder to shift the excess pounds after my initial weight loss success?

It has been for me just recently. My weight loss has plateaued and my weight has been hovering around the same level for a number of weeks now.

I’ve had the summer holidays plus a number of family celebrations to enjoy which did take its toll but it was time to get back on track again.

Despite my weight not being quite what I might have hoped it would be at this stage I still feel fantastic! I am still enjoying the benefits of much improved good health even though the pounds have been a bit more stubborn in the last month or so.

Usually I take a “juice – juice – meal” approach during the week and then get a little more relaxed during the weekends. I suspect that I had fallen into a bit of a pattern and so I decided to shake things up a bit in an attempt to break through my weight loss plateau.

Going Raw

Usually my evening meal, although normally very healthy, has some element of cooking involved.

Did you know that we are the only species to cook our food? Nothing else on this planet does it.

Cooking provides lots of benefits but it can also damage the nutrient profile of food, the end result being that it isn’t quite as healthy as it would have been in its raw state.

Although I have never been to one yet, I have seen a growing number of raw food events taking place and I’ve become aware of a number of raw food chefs and restaurants.

So I decided to go RAW for the week and see what would happen to my weight, my energy levels and my general feeling of well being.

100% Raw?

Did I manage 100% raw this week?

I think I got pretty close. I was still having two juices a day, one for breakfast and one for lunch. I would snack on nuts and dried fruits and then my evening meal consisted of salads or raw courgette (zucchini), sweet potato or carrot noodles with a raw salsa or dressing.

Juicing Journal: Time to Get Raw?

I kept it simple and only experimented with an avocado based salad dressing recipe of my own devising. It worked pretty well much to my surprise and I will definitely play with the recipe a bit more to try and get the balance spot on!

The only reason I am not sure if I was 100% raw was because of the dried fruit snacks. Heating to about 45 degrees centigrade is permissible in raw cooking because the enzymes are still maintained at that temperature.   I am not sure to what temperature those fruits were prepared at, but am happy to say that I was at least 95% raw and probably closer to 98% to 99% raw.

My best friend during the week was definitely my high speed blender. The Optimum 9400 dealt with everything I threw in it easily. Other blenders might have been a bit challenged with frozen avocado or the dates that I used to add some sweetness. The 9400 just blitzed everything!


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 Would I Recommend Going Raw?

Yes definitely!

I lost almost 4.5 lbs and still feel energised.

I also noticed, I know its not a very blokey thing to admit, but my skin is feeling amazing and I haven’t suffered from the cold that has struck a couple of my family down this week.

I felt quite content all week and I will be happy to continue into next week and beyond.

There are lots of great recipes and unusual ingredients to investigate and I’m definitely looking forward to more raw exploration!

I would suggest you just try it for a week and see how you feel. I wouldn’t mind betting that you will feel wonderful!



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