“The kids like kale here, and they eat broccoli. Really, we’ve been ahead of the game,” says the principal of a school in the US state of Vermont.

Schools Ban Brownies Because ‘The Kids Like Kale’

Chocolate brownies may be a best-seller at cake sales, a staple in most coffee shops and even a mandatory munchie of marijuana users, but it has now been banned in schools in Vermont, USA as the state the now pushes fruit kebabs, kale and gluten-free paleo lemon bars as school treats.

The ban comes in an attempt to comply with new school lunch and snack regulations championed by the American First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Death to chocolate instead of death by chocolate?

The new rules, which evolved out of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, spell death to brownies, cupcakes, cookies and other bake sale goodies used to raise money for extracurriculars at money-strapped schools.

“These changes are really supporting the types of diets that we as a country should be following to have a healthy diet and lifestyle,” says Laurie Colgan, child nutrition program director at the Agency of Education. Adding, “the new school lunch pattern has low-fat, leaner proteins, greater variety and larger portions of fruits and vegetables; the grains have to be 100 percent whole-grain rich.”

Shelley Mathias, principal of Edmunds Elementary School said she welcomed the federal Smart Snack standards, but she added her school was “ahead of the game” in banning dessert for kids.

“We have an excellent farm-to-school program, and kids get free snacks that consist of fruits and vegetables, possibly cheese and some fiber,” Mathias said.

“We haven’t had desserts in our schools. This is my fourth year, and I’ve never seen a dessert served in the school. The kids like kale here, and they eat broccoli. Really, we’ve been ahead of the game.”

I am a firm believer that we need to improve school meals and educate children about food, but is this a step in the right direction, or is banning brownies a step to far?


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