Looking for a FREE juice detox? Whether you are new to juicing or are an experienced juicer, I believe it is beneficial to do a short juice detox / juice cleanse 3-4 times a year. To celebrate the launch of the Optimum 600 whole fruit slow juicer and Froothie’s updated UK website I’ve written a special edition 3 day juice detox ebook that you can now get for FREE exclusively from Froothie.

Free Juicing eBook - 3 Day Juice Detox

Based on the Budget Juice Reboot, the 3 day juice detox is 26 page special edition ebook perfect for a long weekend or mid-week juice cleanse. The ebook includes all the recipes, shopping list and juicy schedule for the 3 days as well as a few tips for both new and experienced juicers.

Grab it for FREE by visiting http://www.froothie.co.uk and choosing “3 Day Detox” from the “Services” menu.


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