A couple of weeks ago I pondered why my weight loss had leveled off in recent weeks.

I know that I need to pick up my exercise levels after a summer lull, but there is something going on in my head which seems to be putting on the brakes.

Is it fear of failure?

Is it fear of success?

Is it analysis paralysis?

Maybe it’s all of the above!

I found this video that explains analysis paralysis incredibly well. I urge you to check out www.PrestonSmiles.com
He is an engaging, charismatic and inspirational young man.

The message in the video is, just do it, whatever “it” is!

Things don’t have to be perfect in order to take yourself to the next level. Failure is part of the success.

That is all fine, but I think there is something else that can help.

It cropped up very briefly when I was having a coaching chat with Neil (Natural Juice Junkie) a week or so ago. He said this one thing that I hadn’t really considered properly until this point. He mentioned a “Victory List”. A list of all of the positives that have been achieved since starting a journey.


Picture credit: flickr.com/tom_bullock

I like to think of it as a set of starting blocks.

Something that is behind you, but that can provide a firm foundation to launch yourself into the next stage of the journey.

I don’t like to think of my journey back to health as a sprint but I don’t have any problem with a fast start in order to secure a good position for the rest of the marathon! So I have set about building my starting blocks or my victory list and I’m happy to share some of them with you here in no particular order:

  • When I lost my 1st stone in weight.
  • When my wife said “Oh look, you are getting your old face back”
  • When my daughter shrieked with joy because she could get her arms all the way around me when we hugged.
  • When I cleared out a huge pile of clothes that had become too big for me, never to be needed again.
  • When I lost my 2nd stone in weight, and my 3rd, and my 4th, and my 5th etc. Yes there is a pattern, you get the idea!
  • When I first completed 5k on the cross trainer.
  • When I first completed 10k on the cross trainer. Another pattern!
  • When I no longer needed multiple X’s on my shirt size.
  • When my waist size began with a 3 again.
  • When someone told me that I had inspired them to make some positive changes in their own life.

So when I look back, I have to ask myself.

“How could I not launch myself to the next level with all of the positives I have enjoyed so far”?

Watch this space…….   🙂




Juicing for Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 19 Oct 2014

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