A few years ago I was obese, sick and depressed. I would look at my kids and question how they would cope without me, fearing I was heading for an early grave. I was often going to the doctors or hospital for tests and took prescription medications daily.

Honestly, I knew the way I was living was killing me but I was waiting for someone else to “fix me”, Then, one day I just reached the point where I said ENOUGH!

I realised the only person that could take control of my future was me and motivated by the fear of not being around for my children I set about trying to improve my health.

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The place I started from was pretty dire. I was so obese I was off the chart on the NHS healthy weight calculator! I was suffering from multiple illnesses including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Asthma and depression. Climbing stairs was strenuous activity and I honestly felt I had just a few years left until one of the big diseases (heart attack, cancer, etc) would finish me off.

It is now more than 5 years since I made the decision to fix myself. During that time I’ve shed over 5.5 stone in weight (much of which was achieved in a matter of months). I’ve also become free from all of the diseases that were plaguing my life and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a prescription from the doctor.

Climbing stairs is no longer a challenge. During my journey I’ve found a new lease of life, a new energy like I’d never experienced before and have become a runner and a triathlete. The old me would’ve considered myself incapable of running to the end of the street, yet earlier this year I successfully completed a 105 mile ultra marathon!

I am not telling you all of this to brag about my achievements, but rather to let you know that I believe we ALL have the potential to reclaim our health regardless of where we are starting from.

Throughout my journey I have been constantly educating myself on nutrition, fitness and health. I am accredited by the complementary medical association and have been described as a “leading authority” on juicing and personal transformation.

Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass is your chance to learn EVERYTHING I wish I’d known before I started the journey to regain my health.

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At this intimate and interactive event you will discover the answers to the questions and problems I came across along my journey and gain the key tools and strategies to accelerate your own health transformation.

Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass will include practical hands-on sessions, interactive theory sessions and designed to give a rapid understanding about escaping the diet trap and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.

Taking place at The Core in Swindon (UK), Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass is an interactive, educational and entertaining event, where Neil will share his experiences, research and philosophies on how to get and stay healthy in a modern world.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie delivering a Juicing Workshop

Neil’s practical approach will include topics such as:

  • Processed food, the obesity epidemic and the rise of western disease
  • How juicing helped me escape the diet trap
  • How to incorporate juicing in a busy lifestyle
  • Differences and benefits of juicing versus blending
  • Hands on experience with a variety of different juicers
  • How to prepare for and successfully complete a juice detox / juice cleanse / juice fast / juice reboot
  • How to eat healthy, delicious food – including a raw food preparation session

Tickets for the 2 day “Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass” include juices and refreshments.

Places are strictly limited, so please reserve your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Accommodation & Travel

Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass is being held on the first floor at The Core Swindon, a beacon of health and nutrition in Swindon’s Old Town.

The space is light and airy, and has a relaxed, funky vibe where energy and creativity will be flowing in abundance!

Please note that as the event is being held on the first floor, it does not have wheelchair access.

The nearest car park is Britannia Place car park, which is just a 2-minute walk away. For those travelling by train, Swindon is approximately a 1 hour train journey from London Paddington.

There are many hotels in the Swindon area across a range of prices. For further details regarding accommodation and travel, please use the “Contact Natural Juice Junkie” link below.

You can book to attend Reclaim Your Health: The 2 Day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass from anywhere in the world, but please be aware that the cost of booking does not include any travel or accommodation costs and the event will be delivered in English.

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The Core Swindon

About Natural Juice Junkie

Having achieved a miraculous transformation in his own health, Neil Martin (a.k.a. Natural Juice Junkie) is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities on juicing.

Neil’s journey to becoming the Natural Juice Junkie started when he was severely obese, taking multiple prescription medications and getting out of breath doing simple day to day things like running a bath for his children. Now, over 5.5 stone lighter and a drug free ultra marathon runner and triathlete, Neil is dedicated to helping others take control of their own health.

Neil is a qualified Natural Juice Therapist, registered with the Complimentary Medical Association and his juice detox programmes have been used to deliver significant health benefits to many thousands of people worldwide.

Neil’s recipes are often described as tasting “too good to be healthy” and naturaljuicejunkie.com received over half a million views in it’s first year online, with people from 182 different countries accessing its array of free juicing recipes and resources.

Neil can regularly be found hosting sold out events throughout the UK as he continues his mission to share the benefits of a juicy lifestyle.

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