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Wow! What a marked difference in these before and after pictures of Boy George. A few years ago I was shocked to see pictures of Boy George in the media looking overweight and unwell. He looked old and almost unrecognisable from the pop icon of the 1980s. Now, aged 53 he looks MUCH younger and says he thinks he looks better than ever.

Boy George - Juicing and Raw Food before and after picture

In the “before” picture of Boy George, taken in 2009, he is almost unrecognisable from his iconic 1980s image as the front man of Culture Club.

Boy George fell from grace in the late 80s as he struggled with a heroin habit, but by the early 90s George had cleaned up his act and established himself as a superstar DJ. Sadly he then started to use cocaine, spiralled out of control and ended up in prison.

“I hadn’t touched cocaine for 16 years,” he told the Daily Mirror in 2010 adding, “I’ve got an addictive personality. I was with some friends one day, and they offered me a line. It was as simple as that. But, let me tell you, the second time you get hooked on drugs, the descent from penthouse to gutter is much more rapid.”

“I haven’t touched cocaine or alcohol since”

“That was 2003 and, five years later, I was miserable. Cocaine had given me no pleasure for a long time and that seems mad now. Why would you pay money to feel like that? But common sense doesn’t come into it. I felt wretched: tired, dilapidated, listless.”

“I woke up one day and my friend, Tony, asked if I’d like to come to a meeting so I could see the 12-step recovery programme. I can’t say I relished the idea of people talking about their problems. But, once I got there, I knew it was where I needed to be. That was March 2, 2008 – I’ll never forget the date – and I haven’t touched cocaine or alcohol since.”

“Today I’m having a juicing day”

Now, looking SO much younger an more healthy than he did in 2009, George talks about his new juicy lifestyle in an interview with Bon Appétit saying, “Today I’m having a juicing day so I had a litre of greens basically. Cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon, and apple.”

He is also a fan of superfood smoothies, adding “Last night I made some almond milk which I had [this morning] with lucuma powder, a probiotic, and blueberries with a couple of mature dates to kinda sweeten it. In the morning, raw foodists don’t normally have breakfast. We have a lot of fluids. So I make all these different drinks which are quite strengthening.”

Boy George on Juicing and Raw Food - “I think I look better than I’ve ever looked”

Does Boy George soak his nuts?

“Yes. I soak it overnight, I use a nut milk bag to filter it through. I usually bottle it and keep it in the fridge. I use it in soups, or whatever.”

He is also a big fan of raw chocolate, describing it as his favourite food splurge.

“I especially like to have the raw chocolate that they make in America,” he says, “but over here [in the UK] I make nice healthy raw desserts. I think what I love most about the raw food thing is it’s real alchemy. It’s a really interesting science and I think for a creative person, it’s a great way to eat.”

A Scary Similarity

The more I look at Boy George’s before and after pictures, the more they remind me of my own. Obese, old and depressed on the left and young, vibrant and happy on the right. You can read more of my story here: http://naturaljuicejunkie.com/about

Natural Juice Junkie juicing weight loss before and after picture

Me, before and after my lifestyle change.


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