In November 2013, through no fault of his own, Jason Crosby lost his job. His life then took a downward spiral. “I smoked, drank heavily, stuffed my face with junk and eventually ended up on medication for severe depression,” says Jason, adding “this caused me to eat more and sleep later.” By New Year’s Eve Jason had hit rock bottom and felt he was close to losing “everything”.

Juicing: Jason Turns Life Around by Running on Juice

In January things started to improve. With the help of his family and friends, Jason set up his own company which quickly grew, but the business wasn’t the only thing that was growing.

By 13 July 2014, Jason weighted 200 pounds (over 14 stone) which at  5 foot 6” meant he was significantly obese. Jason says “my cholesterol and blood pressure were off the scale and my health was a mess.”

Netflix saved my life

On 14 July 2014 Jason was browsing Netflix and stumbled across Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Jason says “Joe Cross and others had completed a juice fast and healed themselves with just Juice, so i thought I would give it a go so went and got myself a Juicer and loads of fruit and veg.”

Jason had severe depression, insomnia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was both a heavy smoker and drinker.

The following day Jason started a juice fast and stopped smoking and drinking. He also decided to come off his medication.

“I’m not going to lie,” says Jason, “the first 3 days were hell, but somehow I got through.”

“I awoke day 4 at 5:30am (previously I’d sleep till 9am and wake up still feeling sleepy) and I felt good. So good I got up and started to exercise! That day I felt unbelievably good. This kept me going, I was doing great and by day 13, I had lost over 15 pounds.”

“I was going to the gym daily so I’m not sure what triggered it, but that night I fell off the juicing wagon stuffed my face with junk food drinking to much wine making myself sick.”

“I awoke on day 14 and felt terrible but had to put this behind me. Then I decided I needed a challenge and some support, I found a Facebook page called Fabulous Juicing Buddies (FJB)  and posted my story.”

“I got loads of advice and support and have made some great friends, too many to name now but heir names will appear later I’m sure. I also announced I would be running a half marathon”

Juicing: Jason Turns Life Around by Running on Juice

Running on Juice

“The only running I had done previously was to the loo when I first started drinking mean green,” says Jason.

“I downloaded a running app and set about training. I juice fasted for 21 days, then introduced a meal a day and am still doing this most days now.”

“I have had my challenges and more hiccups along the way but each time I’ve come back stronger and more determined. I posted my training progress on FJB as well as my hiccups and eventually the day came for me to run.”

26 October 2014 – The Castle Run, Northumberland

“I had aimed to run a 2hr 15,” says Jason. “It was a steep course and the wind was howling but with the support of my family and friends I set off. I eventually came in at 1:57:47. Amazing – I could not believe it.”

Jason says “I’m hooked. Today I weigh 175 pounds any my cholesterol and blood pressure are excellent. I’m in the best shape of my life”

Jason says the juicing community on Facebook and pages like Natural Juice Junkie help to keep him motivated and he has now signed up to run his first full marathon in Edinburgh in 2015.

Juicing: Jason Turns Life Around by Running on Juice

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