I never thought that getting involved with juicing would have such an impact on my life! Not just the health benefits, which were the primary aim when I started, but all of the other events that I have been involved with as well! Its been a whirlwind of different events, marvellous people and juicing heroes!

Only a few weeks ago I was in Cardiff at the Eat Well Live Well exhibition with the Natural Juice Junkie.

I had the privilege of meeting and chatting to lots of people but probably best of all I got to chat to SuperJuiceMe hero Andy Morris.

Juicing Journal - Mark from Explore Juice with Andy Morris Super Juice Me

Then a couple of weeks later my wife and I attended Reclaim Your Health: the 2 day Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass.

Neil (aka Natural Juice Junkie) asked me to share some of my story which it was a pleasure to do.

Mark Beddoe share his story at Reclaim Your Health: the Natural Juice Junkie Masterclass

It was a 2 day fest of juicing and raw food knowledge. Again, it was great to spend time with Neil, Jason Bray (another juicing hero) and all of the juicy people that attended that event. If you really want to learn how to get your nutritional intake and mindset in the right place then this is definitely the event for you.

The next surprise came when I got contacted by one of Joe Cross’s team, via Twitter, to ask if I would mind being featured as a success story on the RebootWithJoe.com website! “No problem” I said, and low and behold there I am! Its very surprising and humbling that people are interested in my story at all!

Mark Beddoe featured on Reboot with Joe

To top it all off, last Wednesday, I managed to spend some time with three heroes of mine. All three have had an unimaginable impact on my life.

I was lucky enough to travel up to Liverpool for the screening of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 and spend time with my Dad, Neil Martin and Joe Cross!

It was a great night. The film is well worth watching (I wont provide any spoilers) but again, bumping into people that I have only seen or met virtually is incredibly inspiring.

Natural Juice Junkie, Joe Cross and Mark Beddoe at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2

I have found that these types of events are incredibly motivational. To see what others are doing and celebrating success together is fundamental to my own success. It was interesting to see that one of the main messages of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 is all about support and community. I understand that message completely and I have always blogged about the importance of the juicing support network. I find that I need these inspirational events on a regular basis and I urge you to seek out like minded people or build your own community to spread the juicy word!

Joe Cross and Mark Beddoe at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2

I find it all all amazingly exciting and I cant wait to see whats around the corner!

My juicy news is a 1.6 lbs gain over a 3 week period which I am more than happy with. I am still struggling to fit in the levels of exercise I need to do but I am more than happy that my weight is stable with no real conscious effort on my part.

Till next time!





Juicing Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 30 November 2014

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