Eating a raw food diet and lifting weights, that’s what how grandmother Pat Reeves believes she beat her 30 year battle with cancer. The British Champion, aged 69, claims she beat brain cancer and fourteen bone cancer tumours by saying no to NHS drugs and instead changing her diet and competing as a power lifter.

When Pat Reeves was was first diagnosed with cancer of the brain in 1983 she was told the disease would kill her and her doctors recommended drug treatment. She had other ideas and dramatically altered her lifestyle, changing her approach to nutrition and exercise.

After miraculously fighting herself fit, 11 years later Mrs Reeves was told she had 14 bone cancer tumours. She endured four heart attacks and three TIA’s connected with this cancer but still she has refused to undergo treatment.

In a bid for survival she continued to self-treat under the guidance of private doctors in Germany. This when she decided to go raw. Through raw foods she describes herself as “living on a permanent detox” and power lifting.

Mrs Reeves said: “I have kept myself alive by being fit, people are in too much of a rush to take medicine and drugs when we can mend ourselves.”


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