Joe Cross from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is currently doing a tour to promote his latest documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2. He kindly gave up some time during a rest day in his busy schedule for a quick interview. In this, the third and final parts, Joe answers questions about his guilty pleasures and his plans for 2015 (including details of his next book).


Neil Martin: So when it comes to food what’s your guilty pleasure? What would you call your guilty pleasure?

Joe Cross: Well its definitely chocolate. The question is, is it chocolate just on its own or is it chocolate ice cream? So, its one or the other. I mean, I’d probably say it would be chocolate ice cream. Chic, choc chip if were gonna be specific that has both chocolate and chocolate ice cream, so thats the Hagen Daas special. But I don’t have that often but I had some recently and it was very good. Just one scoop though.

Neil Martin: You know, you gotta be normal yeah?

Joe Cross: I, yeah yeah, don’t worry I enjoy myself as much as the next bloke. I think that, you know, I was probably a little bit too extreme a few years ago where I was more anti it. I had that relationship I talk a lot about what I thought was bad for me and I worked out that thinking about it like that actually didn’t do me any good, because when I had it I felt bad and I then I’d have more. So, nowadays, you know, the other day when I had mine ice cream here in Harrods I made sure that I walked the 45 minutes there and the 45 minutes back. So the time I had it, when I arrived here, when I got to London, I knew that is was going to have to be basically an 8 mile walk to have a good ice cream.

Neil Martin: That’s gonna stop you doing it too often if you gotta walk 8 miles every time?

Joe Cross: But I enjoyed the walk and enjoyed the ice cream. It wasn’t like I was going “I’m not happy about this”. It was good.

Neil Martin: To take that in a slightly different direction if you stuck on a desert island but you got a working juicer and a blender and an unlimited supply of only six ingredients, what were those ingredients be?

Joe Cross: I’m gonna only have 6 then I’ve got to try and get the five colours. So I think I would take cucumber as the green because there is quite a lot of water in it. Probably take watermelon as the red. I’d have to have apple in there. I’d probably, I’ve got to have yellow. See I’d wanna go more vegetable, so I’d probably go capsicum or pepper on the yellow. Right, I’ve got four there right?

Neil Martin: How many was that, hang on, you said watermelon, the pepper, the apple, the cucumber. You’ve got two more I think.

Joe Cross: The fruits are watermelon and apple. And then I’ll take, with the cucumber and yellow pepper, not celery, then I’m probably gonna go with, with something else like, I’d probably have to have kale. I’d wanna another green and then I’m probably gonna shoot for a purple, maybe purple carrots. But I think that’s a hard, hard thing to go there because it’s a trade-off. So I’m getting 2 greens, and the rest. So I’m getting my purple, I’m getting my red, I’m getting my yellow. See I haven’t got any orange in there, so I’d be missing orange. Maybe I need seven.

Neil Martin: Squeeze in a carrot as well?

Joe Cross: If I was gonna go orange then I would go sweet potato.

Natural Juice Junkie: Okay, yeah I love sweet potato in juice so that makes complete sense to me. And so finally Joe just to wrap up really what have you and the the reboot team got planned for 2015?

Joe Cross: Apart from a rest for me in the early part of 2015? Well I’ve got a new book coming out which I’m excited about, Fully Charged, and that is highlighting seven keys that I have sought of felt are important and important to my success over the last 4 or 5 years so, I finished writing that about a month and a half ago and I’m excited to get that out and the publishers are really happy with it so we are expecting big things from that, so that’s gonna like a February, March and April tour of the world on that and then we wanna see the new movie get to Netflix and broadcast on television so we’re expecting that, that to really spend a lot of time in the first 6 months of the year. And then making our third movie, I better get out there and make the film so that its ready in a years time. So we’re busy.

Neil Martin: How much how of that film have you shot already, with material you got while you were doing the second movie?

Joe Cross: We’ve probably got about 30 hours, we probably need 200.

Neil Martin: So there’s till a long way to go then?

Joe Cross: Yeah, we’re shooting a lot this month and next month. December and January we’re shooting a lot. I won’t be in those scenes, but there’s a lot of stuff. We interview people and a lot of things and then once they work I go back out in the spring and shoot them.

Neil Martin: Awesome, thank you so much for your time Joe

Joe Cross: Good on you mate, keep doing the great work inspiring people and juice on!

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