“Today’s post will be my biggest tip on [BLANK] – What do YOU want it to be?” That’s what I asked on Facebook. There were some great responses, but the most popular was “Dealing with the ‘you’re doing what?’ people.”

As part of your juicing journey you may have come across the “you’re doing what?” brigade. You know, those people who seem to think you have completely lost your mind because you are doing something a bit different from “the norm”. Actually you may come across them in other parts of your life too.

See, the thing is that many people live average lives, doing average things in average ways. They spend all their time trying to fit in with “the norm” and they don’t quite understand why anybody would want to do anything else.

You are different. I know that because you are reading this and average people rarely (if ever) visit this site.

If you are incorporating juicing into your life then I suspect you have made a decision that you don’t want to follow “the norm.” After all, for every 10 people in our society 7 or 8 are likely to die from a lifestyle related disease. In other words, killing yourself through your lifestyle is “the norm” – the way the average person will die. I suspect you have already decided that is not the kind of normal or average you want to be.

So my top tip for dealing with “you’re doing what?” people?

Ignore them.

Only YOU should decide what is right for you. If you have decided to take positive steps to take control of your own health then celebrate that decision and ignore anyone who tries to stop you. Stop being average and fitting in with “the norm.” Let them carry on trying to fit in, while you decide to stand out. After all, if you want to be OUTSTANDING then you need to be prepared to stand out!

Now, some of you may be reading this and thinking “Ignore them? Thanks! That’s a great tip – NOT.”

My advice would be to ignore them and let them see the change in you. They will soon stop judging or questioning. However, if you have loved ones who are concerned I understand you may want to give them some reassurances, so how about pointing them to some of these success stories:

There are lots more success stories here. I look forward to hearing yours!

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