Last year I completed my first ultra-marathon of over 100 miles, spread across 4 days. Since then many people have been asking “what next?”

Running on Juice: My Next Challenge... And How YOU Can Help

It’s taken me a while to decide on my next big challenge, mainly because I am so busy right now that balancing the time to train is proving to be challenging in itself. But, I want to do something and so today I made a decision and signed up for a NON-STOP 100km race, Race to the Stones, in July.

This will be the longest non-stop run I’ve ever attempted – the longest day of my 100 mile ultra was about 36 miles and this will be 62 MILES!

How can you help?

Raising sponsorship to support charity is a BIG motivator for me on these events. This time I’ve opted to support another charity that I feel a close personal connection with.

Just a few years ago I was an obese, depressed, heavy drinker heading for an early grave. To be honest, I had an addiction to both alcohol and junk food. I also had several periods where I was dependant on prescription anti-depressants. I really was a warning of how NOT to live.

Having reclaimed my health (both physically and mentally) I am now on a mission to set an example to my children of what we can all achieve when we focus, and how we can help others along the way.

I suspect that I was once just a decision or two away from having addiction own me. I didn’t see it at the time, but I came close to losing everything.

I’ve chosen to run this ultra-marathon in aid of Action on Addiction, to help this fantastic organisation help others in their recovery. The work done by Action of Addiction has touched my heart over the last year, especially with what they have achieved by creating The Brink in Liverpool. Please support my fundraising so that more initiatives, such as dry recovery bars, can open throughout the country.

Please show your support by giving your sponsorship at:

Running on Juice: My Next Challenge... And How YOU Can Help

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