Are you looking to make your life better? Over the last 6 years or so I’ve been on a huge journey of personal discovery and have also been fortunate enough to mentor and coach others along the way. Here are 5 of the biggest things we should all start doing more of in order to live the life of our dreams.

#1 – Start Taking Action

So many of us have goals and desires that we do nothing about. We keep waiting for the time to be right, or for others to tell us they approve. We sit back and wait for all the stars to be in alignment. We waste time. Time we could’ve been using to make progress. Progress that could’ve given us steps, no matter how small, toward our goals. Goals we WANT to achieve, yet without action they simply become goals we WISH we could achieve.

We can wish forever, but when we truly want something we need to act. We need to take the first few steps, no matter how small. Remember, every step toward your goals makes their reality a step closer.

#2 – Start Asking Better Questions

It is so easy to have a goal but then spend hours, days, months or even years asking questions like “can I make it happen?”, “can I succeed?” or “what if I’m not capable?”

Questions like this simply help us to hold ourselves back and build self-doubt. We need to upgrade the quality of our questions by making a few simple changes.

“HOW can I make it happen?”

“HOW can I succeed?”

“HOW can I become capable?”

When we upgrade our questions we immediately see things differently and can start upgrading our lives.

#3 – Start Recognising Your Successes

It is so easy to spot the things we get ‘wrong’ and we often spend far too much time on them, yet we spend so little time focussing our attention on then things we get ‘right’. Ever heard the saying “success breeds success”?

It is time to start focusing on your successes, no matter how small and make time to appreciate them. The more we recognise our success the more confident we are to take bigger steps toward our goals. Success builds momentum.

#4 – Start Being Flexible

Having a plan is great, but being too rigid about it is not. Often when we miss one simple step in our plan we can feel we have failed and then end up quitting entirely. Alternatively we can be so focused on details that we miss the bigger picture and the EVEN greater opportunity that is presented to us.

Don’t get me wrong, it is VERY important to be clear on the outcome you are aiming for, but it is equally important to recognise there are multiple ways of getting there.

#5 – Start Asking For Help

This is one I used to find really hard (and sometimes still do). For many years, I saw asking others for help as some kind of failure or weakness – and in some cases I simply didn’t realise I could ask for help. Thing is, almost every difficulty we face has already been faced by someone else. The doubts we experience, others have experienced. The things we need to learn, others have learned before us. Oh, and from experience most people will WANT to help you. So start making life easier on yourself. Ask for help – or better still find a coach or mentor who can guide you.

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