Globetrotting DJ A.Skillz describes his life as having “endless” travel. Natural Juice Junkie asks him, how he stays healthy?


Natural Juice Junkie: You do stupid amounts of travel?

A.Skillz: Pretty endless yeah, endless traveling

Neil Martin: And airports and planes and things aren’t an easy place to be healthy are they?

A.Skillz: There not, but I tell you what, there is a few popping up in different airports and I’ve started to get quite good and knowing where to go. For example I recently toured Canada and [although in] most airports you’re probably not going to get much juice action or even anything particularly healthy there are certain airports [where you can].

“It’s that guy again he’s back. He’s the more ginger guy”

I seem to find myself connecting through Calgary almost every day or every other day and if I was in the right terminal there’s always this one juice bar that is like brilliant, like proper no messing around proper juice. I used to keep popping back through and they’d be like “it’s that guy again” and they’d call me the more ginger guy cause I’d always say “more ginger” and they’d be like “what not more, I’ve already put double”

“No more, more. Show me the ginger and let me tell you how much of that to put in”

It’s that guy again he’s back. He’s the more ginger guy.

But I always feel a bit weird when I have to go out and like they just come back with the juice. I like to see it happening like I’m always wondering like did you juice it or did you use some juice you had lying around for a while?

Obviously, to an extent, depending on how well trained your taste buds are you can tell but you don’t know for sure that maybe they juiced a bit of the carrot or maybe the apple juice came out of a carton or something and I actually try to listen out to see if I can hear a juicer going – if they have a loud one.

Neil Martin: How did you first discover juicing, what got you into it?

A.Skillz: Well, do you know what. I don’t have this really like amazing life changing story of something dramatic that kinda happened. It’s really like, unfortunately, it is a bit boring, but it’s kind of its just a case of… I guess it was a couple years ago my mate started saying “mate you’ve gotta get a blender, you’ve gotta get blender.”

“You can just chuck anything in there and blend it up and it’s like really good”

I was like, well which one should I get? He was like, get the Vitamix. Alright I’ll go and do some research. I’ll start researching this a bit and see what I wanna get. Then in the process of searching for blenders I started seeing juicers and I was like what do I need? Do I need a juicer or do I need a blender?

“I started to try and do some of the recipes, the juice recipes with a blender and basically after the first one I was like – this ain’t working”

And then I started doing more research comparing what they do and I was like, I know I late in the game on the whole juicing thing, but I was like oh my goodness, the more I was looking into juicing the more I was like wow that’s amazing.

I had a blender, like an old blender and  I started to try and do some of the recipes, the juice recipes with a blender and basically after the first one I was like – this ain’t working.

It doesn’t work, you’ve got way too much liquid to try and get any consistency you could actually drink and you can’t consume as much, because you are blending it all.

I was like wow, this is kinda opening up this whole world to me, which was this sudden realisation that flippin heck I need to get more vegetables into my body, like I need to be juicing. I need to be doing this.

Instantly I realised this is what I’ve got to do. I don’t have enough vegetables.

I wasn’t especially overweight. I was quite overweight a few years back, but I kind of shifted most of that weight from just doing a bit of running and kinda just doing normal sort of dieting. I hadn’t really discovered juice at that point. But, when I discovered juice I wasn’t particularly overweight, I could’ve lost a few pounds, but I really just thinking this just seems like I need to get healthy and this is the way to do it.

I had the blender so I was doing a bit of blending and a bit of juicing and sticking avocado in with the juices and all that kind of stuff. It was like, this is brilliant. This is, like, SO good. I started becoming really quite active about telling people that juicing is amazing and you gotta do it.

For people that wanted to lose weight I was like “this is the best way to lose weight you could just live on juice for like seven days or longer or as long as you want to go on it and you will be dropping a pound a day easy.”

“Nothing, no caffeine, no treats, no cups of tea, no little sneaky things, just that’s it we are doing juice”

I keep on preaching it, but I realised I hadn’t actually ever done that myself but I was like no, it’s easy cause I’d read the testimonials of people that had done it so I was like preaching that is easy,
you can do it, you will feel great. But, I thought I have not yet done I’m just having a few juices day and still eating, which is obviously fine but I can’t really tell people that doing the juice fast is easy if I haven’t actually done it myself.

So it was actually just after Christmas this year, I was like, right I’ve been packing in the mince pies over Christmas if ever there is a time, I could do with losing a few pounds, I think this is the time to do it. I know that I wanna do it and my wife Suzy wanted to do it as well, she was like “alright I’m gonna give this a go.”

So I was like, let’s do it then for a week, nothing but the pure proper a detox.

Nothing, no caffeine, no treats, no cups of tea, no little sneaky things, just that’s it we are doing juice.

So basically I just did it and I kind of just went through the same experience that I think most people do really which was that you got a coupla days there of adjustment where you get a few headaches and sort of coming off of the caffeine and the sugar and everything and then day 3 comes in and you start feeling a bit better than that if fully fitted good in that day five different great and then I was like this is amazing.

“That was the biggest thing I noticed that was different about how I felt, just not having any trouble waking up and feeling like ready for the day”

What I couldn’t believe more than anything I think, was the fact that normally I wake up in the morning and like my son like gets up at like, it’s actually his second birthday today, and he like [gets up at] 6:30, 7:00 or something every morning and I’ll just be like “no please let me sleep” and I just
find it hard to drag myself out of bed without feeling crap and I was just waking up fresh as anything every morning. I would open my eyes like I’m ready for the day, let’s do this.

That was the biggest thing I noticed that was different about how I felt, just not having any trouble waking up and feeling like ready for the day.

So it was amazing, I did seven days then we kinda like just weaned ourselves off of just doing juice and cut it down into a slight more normal diet. Now I probably just have a couple of juices a day. I’ve had a green juice this morning I’ll probably have something else later on, maybe a carrot juice, carrot and something or I dunno.

It’s just part of my lifestyle now, a couple of juices a day, maybe more.

Neil Martin: Do you think by doing this alongside all that the travel and the having to eat bad food in airports and stuff, is this your edge that is keeping you healthy?

A.Skillz: I really think it is. I think it’s like just made me feel a lot healthier and and when I travel I really do try and find healthy food along the way, but sometimes just got have a blow out and eat whatever there is.

“It is amazing how how much juicing does change the way you feel and the way you think and everything”

I do feel a lot more energetic, the thing is it actually motivates, I think the juice has motivated me to exercise and stuff because now I’m really like, I’m way more active. I now exercise like probably at least three times a week, go either to the gym or something like that and I’m sort of like enthusiastic about it now where as before it would just be a real drag to do anything like that. Now I’m like actually excited about it, like I get excited about going to the gym. Or like, yeah just doing some exercise getting out, getting out and having a walk.

It is amazing how how much it [juicing] does change the way you feel and the way you think and everything.


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