It’s been a while since I last provided a guest blog for my good friend Neil. So here is a bit of a catchup and my experience of his Guided Juice Cleanse that my wife and I have been taking part in over the last couple of weeks.

The Christmas excess, followed all too quickly by the Easter excess, had led to quite a few pounds been gained over a few months and it needed to be dealt with. So it was perfect timing to hear that Neil (Natural Juice Junkie) was introducing his first Guided Juice Cleanse.

I have seen guided juice cleanses in the past, but this one was different.

It not only provided a schedule of recipes for 5 days of juice only, but it also provided a full schedule of healthy meal recipes to help with the transition back into eating again. Not only that but the whole 14 days was supported by recipe videos, live motivational coaching sessions and a private Facebook group so that the participants could support each other if they wanted to.

5 day juice only

Well its fair to say that the 5 day juice only was the easiest juice only period I have ever done. The juices themselves were not only delicious but I didn’t have any issues with hunger, cravings or withdrawal at any point during the 5 days. Four main juices per day with each day kicking off with a lemon water and a ginger slammer seemed like and ideal approach. The coaching sessions were lively and informative and were perfect for keeping me on track. I had to swap a few juices around because of produce availability but all in all it was a perfect 5 days for me and I lost an amazing 11lbs over those 5 days.

Transition to food

I was really looking forward to this part of the course. I’ve sampled some of Neil’s healthy recipes in the past and really enjoyed them and this part of the cleanse featured recipes that I hadn’t seen before. The approach to the next 9 days was to introduce healthy meals in place of the lunchtime and evening juices. The meals ranged from salads, soups, curries, chilli and even a healthy pizza!

Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

I have to say that a great many of those recipes will be featuring on our family table regularly from now on. My daughters especially loved the raw carrot and coconut curry!

Again this period was supported with recipe videos and live interactive coaching sessions.
The only problem I had during this period was real life getting in the way. So it wasn’t possible for me to have the lunchtime meal every day but I made sure I had a juice instead. I also found myself on a training course for a couple of days which meant that eating as healthily as I would have wanted to wasn’t possible. My wife and I also had a social occasion where we spent some time with some good friends and enjoyed a few drinks. The upshot of all of this, as of this morning was a slight weight gain of 3 lbs.

Raw carrot and coconut curry

Over the whole period so far I lost a net 8lbs which I’m very happy with.

The experience has been excellent. I understand that Neil is launching a second Guided Juice Cleanse in June which makes an ideal time to adopt some new habits before the onset of the summer holiday season.

If you want an effective and supportive launch into a healthier lifestyle, I cant think of anything better.


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