We don’t only┬ávote when we put a cross in a box…

Every time you spend money you are effectively casting a vote. Want to change the food system and promote healthy, fresh, nutritious foods? Then your shopping trolley / shopping cart is the way you cast your vote.

The products we purchase are the products that are restocked. The products that go to waste are rarely replaced.

So please remember that every time you spend money on food, you are voting voting for local produce or food miles, for fresh food or processed food, for organic food or non-organic food, for artisan products or multinational brands, for fair trade or low cost.

If you want shops to stock fresh, local, organic produce, then vote for it by buying it. Oh, and if you want small, local and independent stores, spend your money in small, local and independent stores.

The money you spend is one of the strongest votes you will ever cast.

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