In an increasingly busy world, more and more people find themselves chained to a desk for their entire working day. Over the last 50 years our lives have become increasingly sedentary. Many people rush out of the house in morning, sit in their cars for the morning commute, sit at their desk for the entire day, sit in their car to return home, before finally sitting down in front of the TV.

The days when most of our jobs were physical is no more. Yet physical movement is as critical as ever to your survival.

The scary thing is how much impact even a small amount of movement can have on your well-being.

Notice, I said movement, not exercise. Whilst structured exercise has its place, especially for those people who live sedentary lives, you simply need to make sure you keep moving. Exercise is movement, but so is playing with your kids, dancing the night away or having sex. Exercise is often viewed as a chore, something people do to counteract a poor diet. Movement is a celebration of life and your amazing body.

So how much movement do you need to do?

According to scientists at the National Health Research Institutes in Zhunan, Taiwan, even 15 minutes of activity a day is enough to lengthen your life. The study involved more than 400,000 people, who were followed between 1996 and 2008 in a medical screening programme.

The scientists discovered that 15 minutes of daily movement can reduce death rates by 14%. Each additional 15 minutes of activity further reduces the rate by 4%. This trend continued until a person was active for 100 minutes a day, after which no further benefit was seen.

So what will you do today to get active?


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