Ever think ‘why is this happening to me’? I know I have. I want to share with you a tiny attitude (or mindset) shift that changed my life and may well change yours too.

It must have been about 12 – 18 months ago when one of my mentors first said this to me. For years of my life I would complain about things or think there was someone or something to blame. In fact, when I was my old, sick and obese self that wasn’t my fault either. I was always waiting for someone else (or some new wonder drug) to ‘fix’ me.

Even after I started to lose weight and get my health back, it still took me a while to make the changes in attitude or mindset that would help me achieve long term, lasting changes.

Mindset is the area where my coaching clients and I tend to spend the most time. See, the issue is rarely what we used to eat, but rather why we used to eat it. It is only when you understand and address the why that you can break the behaviour patterns and create lasting change.

This tiny shift is life changing

Anyway,  one of mentor’s once said something to me that I wish I learned years ago. It is a tiny little shift (one word to be precise) that has changed me entire outlook on life. It is something I’ve shared with many of my clients and in this video I am going to share it with you.


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