Half of UK adults do zero exercise and do not value being fit and healthy according to a new survey of 2,000 adults.

The survey revealed that almost half of respondents (48 per cent) said that being fit and healthy was ‘NOT an integral part of their lives’.

What the f***? Sorry for the strong language, but seriously, how have we reached a point where almost half of people do not value their own health. The sad thing is I think I know…

See, the thing is, I’ve been there. I’ve been in that place where everything else is more important than looking after yourself. That place where you chase the dream, work like crazy and prioritise everything accept your health. But where did it get me?

It got me to a place where, when I got the things I’d been chasing, I wasn’t well enough to enjoy them. I was obese, sick and heading for an early grave. Oh, and I had no interest in exercise. Truth be told I was so out of shape I would’ve found it impossible to do anyway!

Maybe that is the problem. Perhaps the reason half of UK adults don’t do any exercise at all is because they no longer believe they can, or maybe it is because they view exercise as hard work.

So how important is exercise?

According to Cambridge University, lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity. A study of more than 334,000 people over 12 years found exercising was more important than body weight for longevity. Researchers estimated that 337,000 of the 9.2 million deaths amongst European men and women each year were attributable to obesity but twice this number of deaths could be attributed to physical inactivity.

I guess it is safe to say that exercise is important then!

But, is it ‘exercise’ or simply ‘movement’ that you need. The Cambridge researchers said that a brisk 20-minute walk each day is all it takes to avoid an early death. In other words we need to be moving our bodies more, but we don’t need to be living in the gym.

Being active can be about so much more than formal exercise – playing with your children, dancing, sex – the list of beneficial activities is pretty endless. Find something you enjoy and do it often.

These days many people’s lives have become so sedentary, but just 15-20 minutes a day of being active can make a big difference.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to get moving.




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