“If you want to consume fruit and veggies the right way, eat them, don’t drink them,” says Dr. David L. Katz, the director of the Yale Prevention Research Centre in a new report by the New York Post.

“The argument that this is going to make you sexy and live forever, it’s all made up. There is no science behind that,” says Dr. Katz, who also admits a three-day juice cleanse “can be an opportunity to reboot, very much like a computer.”

“People will drink juice under the halo of ‘juicing: it’s good for me,’” he says. “And as we did when we ate low-fat, and as we did when we ate low-carb, and as we did when we went gluten-free, we’ll juice away and get fatter and sicker.”

Now, hang on a minute… Fatter and sicker? Clearly he hasn’t seen the many thousands of life changing stories about juicing that I have.

Here are a few simple examples.

Jason Bray, from Stevenage in the UK, lost 105 pounds / 48 kilograms through juicing! He has been juicing for about 6 years, during which time he has become slimmer and healthier and says “the best change I love since juicing is the energy I have from the moment I wake up till the moment I go back to bed.”

Does that sound like someone who is getting fatter and sicker?

How about Joe Arnold from Kansas US. Joe managed to get off all of his diabetic medication after just 2 weeks of juicing and in just 2 months Joe’s cholesterol triglycerides went from 419 to 240 (normal is considered to below 150), he had a 28 pound weight loss, his waist size reduced by 4 inches and his shirt size went from XXXL to XXL!

Dr. Katz warns that the glycemic levels of foods can spike when consumed in a fluid form, resulting in a greater release of insulin. Does reversing type II diabetes imply Joe’s blood sugar and insulin levels got worse with juicing or better? There are many similar examples of using juicing (and lifestyle change) to reverse type II diabetes.

If Dr. Katz is correct in his thinking, juicing would lead to weight gain, not sustained weight loss. In other words, it is unlikely that having shed 250 pounds Kitten the Juice Pirate would be able to sustain her new lighter weight.

She didn’t. Instead she lost an addition 50 pounds, bringing her total weight loss to 300 pounds (over 21 stone!)

On the juicing success story page of my website you can find many more examples of the positive impact of juicing. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying juicing is a silver bullet to guaranteed health. Neither am I suggesting you live on juice only. I personally do a juice cleanse / reboot around 4 times a year, but this is for a maximum of 7 days each time. The rest of the time I make juicing part of my daily lifestyle alongside a diet rich in plant based whole foods.

This approach has also been adopted by many of my coaching clients who, like me, have achieved sustained weight loss and reversed multiple illnesses.

Is juicing the new low-fat, low-carb? No. These fad-diets involve a mindset of restriction and scarcity and often involve eating highly processed foods that have been manipulated to make such ‘health’ claims. What typically happens to processed foods when one component (such as fat) is reduced? Another (such as sugar) is increased. With juicing you are simply separating the liquid part of the plant from the fibre and as Jay Kordich, one of the fathers of modern juicing, says “it is the juice of the fibre that feeds you”.



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