“The results – I feel fantastic, have bright eyes, my dry skin is already loads better, my roseaca is barely visible, I feel alive and have energy, I don’t feel bloated and I have lost (you might want to sit down for this bit) 17 pounds ! 1 stone 3 lbs.”


A few weeks ago I had the idea to create a new cleanse programme, better suited to the colder weather we experience this time of year in the UK. Like my original Budget Juice Reboot, I wanted this plan to be easy to follow, use seasonal ingredients and above all, be accessible to as many people as possible.

About 2,000 signed up to follow the free cleanse programme and I’ve been blown away by the results people are getting.

“My own results are lovely skin (blimey you don’t hear blokes coming up with that sort of phrase very often!), high energy, lost inches and 7.5lbs of lost weight. I cycled 66 miles over the 5 days so I’m well on my way to achieving the November challenge of 333 miles. More importantly I feel vibrant and healthy.”


The recipes have received some amazing feedback too, with comments like “my family including my fussy 9 yr old thinks that the Pearfection juice is abso-blinkin-lutely delicious!” and “the sweet potato and leek soup was absolutely delicious, I will definitely be making it again thank you.”

I will confess, the spiced cauliflower soup got a mixed response, some loved it, some hated it. I think that one will be getting a ‘remix’ very soon (probably with some coconut milk and Thai spices).

“I have done several juice only cleanses in the last 18 months and have to say this week has been my favourite. Ordinarily on the first week, 7 days of juice only I lose about 6lbs. During this 5 days I have lost 8.8lbs ?? I’m so pleased with that and this spurs me on. Not only have I see this big difference in the scales but other effects too. I have slept soundly every night this week, something I haven’t done for months. I have had more energy and great skin too.”


Having seen such amazing results, I’ve decided to make the shopping list, schedule and recipes available until the end of the month so that even more people can experience the cleanse.


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