I am a firm believer in setting goals. From my experience, having clearly defined outcomes significantly increases your chances of achieving them and that is why I now make time every year to sit down and plan the outcomes I want to achieve.

I didn’t always do this. In fact, there have been periods in my life when I didn’t really plan anything. I just kind of let life happen.

Have you ever done that (and then looked back and wondered where a chunk of your life had disappeared to)?

Anyway, this is not a post about how to set goals. This is about taking action.

I’ve written before about how when I was a kid my Dad ran a half-marathon. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps, but never thought I was capable of it. I was the kid at school that was always one of the last to be picked for sports and developed a belief that I wasn’t good enough to do them.

Something changed in June 2012, when I met Andrea. She explained how she was training for this thing called Ironman.

“What’s Ironman?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a marathon” (26.2 miles)

“What! How many days does that take?”

When I heard the answer I was amazed.

“You have to finish it all within 17 hours? Wow!”

This conversation got me thinking. Andrea looked like a regular person. If she can do Ironman, maybe I could do a half-marathon…

The rest is history. Since June 2012, not only have I completed multiple half-marathons, but also marathons, ultra-marathons and even a triathlon.

So what next?

I’ve discovered a love for running and already plan to run some races in 2016, but I also want to do something more.

See, just like I didn’t think I could run, I’ve found that my physical strength is not what I want it to be and despite the big transformations I’ve had with my body, I still have some belly fat I’d like to tone up.

My plan is not to create a ‘show’ body; I’ve learned self-acceptance over the last 7 years and don’t need to change for the sake of vanity. My plan is to increase my functional fitness.

I started my new training programme less than 72 hours ago and I have to be honest with you….

It’s a LOT harder than I expected.

Thing is, the same was true when I started running in 2012. My first training runs nearly killed me. Ok, that is an exaggeration but I was breathing like Darth Vader and struggling to even complete a mile. Oh, and after each run my legs killed.

I remember one specific day (about 3 days into my running training) when I could hardly walk, let alone run. I went training anyway. It was slow and painful, but I quickly made progress.

My new training is similar, but I am clear on my outcome and determined to achieve it.

I’ve also found an awesome playground to train in, Trimnasium Performance Gym in Cheltenham. I used regular gyms many times over the years, but I’ve never achieved the kind of results I’m now after. That is why I choose Trimnasium. It is different from any gym I’ve used in the past and their training methods are different to.

I am way outside my comfort zone with this training, but I’ve leaned that you need to get uncomfortable if you want different results. As Henry Ford said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”


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