“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

Having transformed myself from fat boy to ultra-runner, this year I’ve decided to take my fitness in a new direction…

Ultrarunning has taught me many lessons about myself (and life) and yet it has left me feeling that I need a new challenge. I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago, when I first started my new training programme. Now I have just completed my first month…

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been WAY outside my comfort zone, using muscles I never knew existed.

I’ve been training six days a week, and at times it has been hard to schedule my sessions. I’ve also had a reasonable amount of travel and have ended up doing training sessions in a mutli-storey carpark and the lobby of a hotel conference suite.

But it’s been worth it…

I feel stronger already and continue to see positive changes in my body. As my trainer at Trimnasium Performance Gym keeps saying, it is about progress not perfection, and I am definitely getting some progress.

In the first 4 weeks I’ve dropped an inch off my belly and gained an inch on my chest, 1/2 inch on my biceps and 1/2 inch on my calf muscles.

My goal is to build more functional muscle and to tone and condition my body. It is not about having a body for show… I want a body I can use.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that in 2009 I struggled to do simple things like walk up a set of stairs. I feel blessed to have a second chance at life and am determined to find out exactly what my body is capable of.

Oh, and if I can do this, so can anyone. I was never sporty at school, in fact, I was often the last to get picked for any kind of sport. My whole life I was the least likely person to get fit. That belief no doubt contributed to me becoming the sick, obese couch potato that until 2009 was digging his grave with his fork.

Thankfully I’ve upgraded my beliefs. Now I’m working on the next chapter of upgrading my body too.


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