Today is my birthday, but not in the traditional sense…

I was at a seminar in November when one of the speakers wrote a number on the flipchart. It was 17,000 and something…

Then he said “it’s my birthday”.

The following day he did the same thing, but the number was one higher. He then explained that he treats EVERY DAY as his birthday and counts his age in days.

I promptly calculated my own age in days and as I sit here writing this I am celebrating a milestone.

Today I am 15,000 days old.

A lot has happened in those 15,000 days. I was born. I started school. I left school. I started work. I went to college. I went to University. I started my ‘grown-up’ career. I got married. I became a dad. I got divorced. I got married again. I became a dad again…

There are many, many milestones I could talk about, but instead I have a question.

When did you last celebrate the fact that you are alive?

My biggest takeaway from that presentation in November is that every morning when you open your eyes is another day to celebrate your life… and make the most of that day.

The recovery movement teaches people to live ‘one day at a time’. The truth is there is no other way to live. We all live moment to moment and regardless of what we plan there are never any guarantees.

Planning for the future is important, but not at the expense of living today.

“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”

Albert Einstein

Remember, life is composed of ‘nows’ so make every now count.


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