The Novis Vita Juicer is a funky looking machine with a retro feel to it that would look good on almost any kitchen counter, but with a recommended retail price of £349.00 is it as good as it looks?

I am often asked my view on different juicers, so recently I’ve been putting a number of different machines to the test. When I first saw the Novis Vita I was excited, because I think it looks great and with a range of colours available I have no doubt that on looks alone it will be a popular choice for home juicers, but how well does it perform? Does it live up to the funky styling or is the Novis Vita simply a case of style over substance?

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Want to know what you get in the box?

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So what is my verdict?

As centrifugal juicers go this is one of the best, but with a £299.00 price tag I personally would rather spend that money on a cold press juicer, such as the Optimum 600 or Optimum 700.

Take a look at this juice off to see how they compare…

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