The thing I love most about sharing my knowledge and experience is the ripples it creates…

I recently received a message from Phil Wood, who says:

“Hi Neil. I have recently turned 51 and I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic experience I am having with a juicing regime.”

“My wife has been juicing for some time and I have recently started. In about three weeks I have reduced two belt notches by eating a healthy breakfast and dinner, as well as replacing lunch with juice.”

“On top of that I feel so alive its unbelievable! I have never had so much energy since I was a teenager and feel great, look much better, no bloating which I had, better skin to name a few of many positive effects.”

“I never imagined this would have such a profound effect on me and my life but have to say I’m loving it.”

I first met Phil’s wife, Jacqui, when she attended my 2 day Reclaim Your Health seminar in November 2014. A few months later she messaged me saying, “Since Reclaim Your Health, I have implemented a number of changes for me and my whole family.”

It may have taken a little longer then Jacqui had hoped for her husband to get the message, but seeing her example, Phil eventually embraced juicing into his lifestyle and says:

“The only downside is I wish I had started doing this earlier and listened properly to what my wife was saying at the time about how it had changed her life, but better late than never I say.”

When I asked if he had any before and after pictures, Phil said:

“I didn’t really take a before picture as I had no idea of how profound my results would be both internally and externally.”

Adding how he is “really enjoying the juicing process” as he is “very at home in the kitchen” and how Natural Juice Junkie “recipes and advice have massively helped me, which obviously my wife new already!”

Remember, you don’t have to do a juice cleanse / detox (period of living on juice only) to get the benefits of juicing. As Phil mentions above, he has gained huge benefits by simply adding a juice per day into his lifestyle.

If you want long term wellness then a juice only is NOT the answer your are looking for…

One month later…

One month after I originally posted Phil’s story he sent me an update.. he says:

“I’ve lost another stone (14 pounds). Have so much energy I ran the furthest (7k) I have ever run in years and all my belts are on the last notch before making new ones. Feel and look great. I was at Pride today with Jacqui [his wife] and our daughter mentions how amazing we looked in the pictures”


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