Did you know cherry juice has been shown to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, helping with workout recovery?

This recipe is great for workout recovery…

Research by London South Bank University suggests that the powerful antioxidant compounds in cherry juice cut damage to athletes’ muscles – the damage that normally occurs when muscles are worked to their maximum – allowing muscles to recover more quickly.

Cherry juice has also been linked to recovery for runners and cyclists.

Dr. Howatson laboratory director at the Department of Sport Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University says: “Previous studies have looked at tart cherries and the effect on recovery following weight lifting exercise and marathon running but until now there hasn’t been information on recovery following strenuous exercise from cycling” said Howatson. “We found that those cyclists that consumed Montmorency tart cherry juice had statistically significant lower indices of inflammation and metabolic oxidative stress which is the first time it has been demonstrated following this type of exercise.”

This recipes combines nutrient rich cashew milk, with cherries, cacoa and banana.

Juicy Ingredients

How to Make It

  1. Peel the banana and place the flesh in the blender
  2. Add the other ingredients and blend until smoothie (I used the ‘fruit’ programme on the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender)

I made this recipe in the Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender.

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