Why do so many people play Russian Roulette with their health?

Click here to watch on YouTube – recorded at TEDx SaxionU in the Netherlands, June 2016

Video transcript:

Would you let your kids play with a loaded gun? Then why are you playing Russian roulette with your health?

With stress, processed food and let’s face it sitting is the new smoking, right?


Game over. Or you could get lucky.

In 1998, on the 14th of February I married the girl of my dreams. Just six weeks later my father died from cancer aged only 50. And On our wedding day, we didn’t even know he was sick.

My world fell part and I tried to build a new one by focusing on my career and chasing shiny new things.

But I neglected my health and 10 years later, I was obese, I was addicted, I was depressed, and I had an ever growing list of illnesses.

I was like an ostrich burying my head in the sand and playing Russian roulette with my health.

Something had to change, something had to change!

So I took responsibility for my own health, I stopped waiting for doctors to fix me and I turned back to nature.

I addressed my attitude, my intake, my movement and I transformed myself from an obese, sick couch potato into an endurance athlete.

And now I’m blessed to help many other people do the same.

Three bullets, stress, food and lack of movement.

So here’s my question. Are you ready for a brave new world? Or are you gonna keep playing Russian roulette with your health?

Is it time to take the bullets out of your gun?



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