So many people think that going to a juice retreat is all about losing weight…

I can’t speak of other retreats, but that is not the focus of the Natural Juice Junkie retreats (although weight loss is a welcome side effect for the majority of our guests).

As with everything I do with Natural Juice Junkie, the retreats are focussed around 3 things: Attitude, Intake and Movement. The thing that surprises many of our guests is the shift in attitude and the emotional weight loss they experience in just 7 days.

A few days ago myself and Kate (my retreat co-host) received this message from Lara, who was a guest in May 2016.

One month on…

One month and a few days on from completing a fabulously rejuvenating detox week with Kate and Neil how do I feel and what’s changed ?

Well, still full of gratitude for the week and quite a lot actually!

The biggest shift for me has been one of attitude, to change my patterns of behaviour ruling my food consumption, weight and mood, the weeks time out was invaluable. Simple rest and nurture of myself, a busy mum of two delightfully full on boys, allowed me time to reboot.

The changes I have made…

I am juicing regularly (once or twice a week) taking care to pick high veg, low sugar juices. I have added full fat back into my diet and I have ditched all processed chemically enhanced low fat or diet products.

I no longer drink excessive cups of black tea but may have one if I’m out. I mainly drink herbal teas now, my favourite being made with a stick of cinnamon and dried lemon balm.

Both my energy levels and weight have stabilised and the fluctuations in mood have evened out.

“The sugar police”

Despite jokes about “the sugar police” my new healthy habits are filtering down to the whole family and the children are beginning to make healthier choices.

Having just been on a family holiday, how did I manage?

Quite easily actually, I relaxed and allowed myself to have some of the treats that I love, who wants to sip water all the time when champagne is on offer!

In the past I would have seen this as a failure of my new regime but this time, armed with knowledge and having had time out to truly digest it, I viewed the champagne and the other less healthy options I allowed myself as just that  a small part of what is otherwise a healthy and wonderful way to treat my body.

I still have a sweet tooth

Having had a whole week off highly processed foods and added sugar foods [at the retreat] my body really didn’t want or crave them on my return. Old cravings have been replaced and although I still have a sweet tooth, mango, cinnamon and a spoonful of Greek yogurt might be the treat of choice now more often than not.

Not having to be a health angel to make a difference to my health and that of the rest of my family has been the biggest revelation for me. The 80:20 approach [learned at the Natural Juice Junkie retreat] has freed me from an all or nothing approach allowing me to make significant changes to my own and over time I hope my family’s diet.

So although I am aware of the latest fad in the press to bash healthy living and detox, I urge anyone who wants to make healthy and sensible changes to their diet to do their own research, look deeper than the popular press and their often ill researched sound bites.

The food industry makes an awful lot of money out of processing your food for longer shelf life and mass consumption and really cares very little about your health.

Can I recommend a detox week with Kate and Neil?

Wholeheartedly. Your mind and body will thank you.

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