Asthma puts 100,000 Britons in hospital, eats up more than £1billion of the NHS’s budget and causes more than four million sick days each year, according to a study by Edinburgh University.

The UK has one of the highest burdens of asthma in the world, with more than 18 million people treated for the condition at some stage in their life. The condition, which is often dismissed as a minor inconvenience, also kills 1,000 people a year.

Researcher Professor Aziz Sheikh says: “’Greater focus on primary care is needed if we are to cut rates of severe asthma attacks, hospitalisations and deaths.”

A separate report by The Richmond Group of Charities suggests that two out of every 3 deaths from asthma attacks are preventable.

Could apple juice be the answer?

In 2007, research by the National Heart and Lung Institute, published in the European Respiratory Journal, found children who drank apple juice at least once a day were half as likely to suffer from wheezing as those drinking it less than once a month.

The study also found that eating fresh apples themselves gave no apparent benefits.

The appearance of wheezing symptoms is one of the most important signs that a child is at increased risk of asthma, although many with the symptoms are not eventually diagnosed with the illness.

Although freshly extracted juice is significantly more beneficial to health than anything purchased in a bottle or carton, this study found that even long-life apple juice made from concentrate was effective in reducing wheezing.

Research also suggests that women who eat plenty of apples during pregnancy may protect their unborn children against asthma.

First hand experience

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting you ditch asthma medications and juice an apple instead. I am also not claiming that juicing is a ‘cure’ for asthma or any other illness. It is imperative that you consult with your medical professional before making any lifestyle change or ceasing any ongoing treatment.

Personally, I found that when I reduced processed foods and started juicing my asthma symptoms rapidly reduced and then disappeared completely.

I believe one of the keys to this was a daily Ginger Slammer – a simple juice made from apple and ginger, that I also credit with helping me to beat a lifelong problem with hay fever.

From childhood onwards I would find myself taking antihistamine tablets to combat this allergy and always believed this was my only option. I had never even considered the idea that I may be able to resolve it through nutrition, but it turns out there are foods, such as ginger, which are high in natural antihistamine.

Other plant based foods (including apples, red grapes, raspberries, cranberries, red onions and many green leafy vegetables) contain another natural antihistamine called quercetin. With a combination of ginger and apple, the Ginger Slammer is an antihistamine power house and my hay fever symptoms are long gone!



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