“What about all the sugar?” is a question I get asked at almost every juicing event I speak at…

Today I received a message from Philippa about advice she was given by a low sugar site which said:

“We prefer to eat fruit in its whole form. Even juices that are veggie-based still contain a lot of sugar and, without the fibre to slow down its pathway to the liver, this sugar can send you liver into panic mode.”

Before I answer this I think it important to know that Philippa was suffering from chronic urticaria until she completed a 28 day juice plan, which she described as “the only solution to totally cure it (without the need for the prescribed carcinogenic cream!)”

Oddly enough, she also describes herself as a “fan of juicing.” I’m not surprised given it helped to remove the symptoms of her autoimmune disease, but this got me thinking. Is Philippa needs to ask this question, how many people are being put off juicing because of sugar…

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

If you are wondering what chronic urticaria is, it is the same condition that both Joe Cross and Phil Staples were suffering from in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

At this point I think it is worth reminding ourselves that when Joe is sharing his routine from his 60 day reboot with Phil he says he started the days with a fruit juice and then went on to vegetables with a little fruit for the rest of the day. Joe also buys a fresh apple juice in New York.

I mention this as it is a well known example of lives being positively transformed with juices that include fruit.

It is ok to juice fruits. In fact, it is not only ok, but there is scientific research that shows, for example, that apple juice was beneficial in reducing wheezing in children when eat an apple was not.

Negative media about juicing often focuses on the amount of sugar being consumed and I’ve written before about how the documentary That Sugar Film, raises concern about apple juice (here is my response: That Sugar Mistake… (and why you should juice apples))

Here is the key question I think we all need to ask… Compared to what?

If the only way you are going to consume freshly extracted vegetable juice is to add some fruit, then add it.

Do I think it is a good idea to have mainly vegetables in a juice? The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that it depends if you will drink the juice without any fruit. If you need to addition of fruit to make the juice palatable for you then add the fruit.

My belief is that there is a BIG difference between natural sugars in foods and highly processed pharmaceutical sugars, such as table sugar and high fructose corn syrup (normally labelled as glucose-fructose syrup in the UK).  It is like comparing coca leaf tea (a natural, healthy food consumed in the Andes mountains) with the processed version of the coca leaf… COCAINE!

Sometimes adding a little extra fruit is the difference between disgusting and delicious!


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