“Food is just energy, and people are fat because they consume more energy than they expend” says Dr Max Pemberton, writing in the Daily Mail.

He adds: “A large part of the problem is that people just aren’t bothering to lose weight any more. The truth is, if you want to lose weight, then you have to eat less — and that is going to take willpower.”

No. No. No.

Firstly let us please focus on HEALTH not weight. The scales never have been and never will be the best way to tell if a person is healthy!

Secondly let us please stop trying to shame for being overweight.

I get SO frustrated when I read articles like Dr Pemberton’s, because they read to like they believe fat people are lazy, have zero self control and should be ashamed of themselves. In reality many people who are overweight try to eat healthy food but are mislead by food marketing, mixed messages about what to eat and poor nutritional guidelines.

Dr Pemberton’s article focuses the idea that the volume of food being consumed is causing obesity and not the quality. It makes the naive assumption that all calories are created equally and people simply need to eat less of them.

Does 100 calories of donut have the same nutritional impact on the body as 100 calories of broccoli or avocado?

“Food is just energy, and people are fat because they consume more energy than they expend,” writes Dr Pemberton.

Did you know that a 330ml can of Diet Cola has less than 1 calorie?

If the theory of ‘just consume less calories’ works then the artificial sweeteners used in diet fizzy drinks should be helping to reverse diabetes, shouldn’t they?

Yet, research suggests artificial sweeteners in diet drinks and food could CAUSE obesity and diabetes. How can this be possible if they have so few calories?

Experiments suggest that common sugar alternatives alter the metabolism, causing blood sugar levels to rise and triggering diseases by altering bacteria in the gut. A trial on humans who were given the supplement saccharin suggested such changes to the body could begin to occur after just four days.

Maybe I’m being thick, but what is the point of cutting calories if they are being replaced with something that is as bad, or potentially even worse, for our health?

I’ve shared this before, but just incase you missed it, here is my view on calories…

The sooner we stop focusing on them and start focusing on all the f*cking chemicals being added to our food, the sooner we can get our families healthy again.


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