Do you ever wonder if you are good enough?

I remember sports in school like it was yesterday. That agonising feeling as the teams were being picked. Hoping my name would get called soon. It never was. I was always one of the last to be picked…

So many people go through life waiting for others to pick them. What is life like when you measure it on other people picking you?

Are you good enough for their team? Are you good enough to be their boyfriend? Their girlfriend? Their husband? Their wife?

Are you good enough to get the job?

Here’s the thing…

Maybe it’s time you pick yourself

When you choose yourself, it no longer matters what anyone else thinks of you. When you accept yourself unconditionally then you are ENOUGH. I guarantee you are already the person someone else dreams about, even if you won’t or can’t see it.

If you know what you want to do in life – the things you are good at or getting better at – then you can decide to give them your time.

When you decide something is a must for you then you don’t need anyone else’s permission or endorsement to do it.

Embrace your life: Choose yourself!


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