If you believe what you read in the media (especially in January) you might believe juicing is just the latest diet and is all about weight loss.

You would be wrong. Drinking fresh vegetables can be life changing in so many ways.

Here are just a few of them…

#1 – Juicing can help improve your mood

When I interviewed Shardene Blake about her juicing journey she told me how she “experienced a massive change in my mood,” adding, “I was no longer angry, miserable and lethargic. I became positive, happy and full of energy.”

Stewart Pelser shared with me how both he and his wife “are both more positive and have a more positive outlook on life!”

“We are more adventurous and our lives do not revolve around food anymore,” he added.

This has also helped their relationship. Stewart said “our relationship has become stronger because of the motivation and support we give each other everyday to make healthy choices.”

#2 – Juicing can boost your energy levels

Increased energy is a common side effect of juicing. Antonia Joseph told me:

“Since I’ve begun juicing I’ve noticed that my energy is through the roof. I use to fall asleep on myself a lot, especially in the afternoons. I was always tired. I don’t have that problem anymore.”

Another person to experience extra energy is Victoria Seyforth. She told me that juicing has given her a new lease of life, saying “I am confident, I am healthier, I have more energy to be the best mummy I can be and I want to inspire others now!”

#3 – Juicing can help you change your relationship with food

Scott Lowe, who shed 60 pounds in 60 days, told me: “I look at food much differently now. Instead of living to eat, I now eat to live. I pay much more attention to where my food comes from. I’m more aware of what, both good and bad, is actually in my food. All this from someone who has generally never read food labels or never as nutritionally-aware as I should have been. I definitely look at food and grocery shopping with a very different set of eyes now.”

This was echoed by trained breastfeeding counsellor, Lisa Henderson, who told me: “As a family we are more aware of what we eat and drink. We make informed choices when shopping or eating out (mostly) and we can see the effect on our children.”

#4 – Juicing can help you get active

My own transformation has been from sick fat boy to athlete. I have seen many similar transformations with people who were glued to the sofa getting in the gym, running, cycling, swimming and starting a whole host of physical activities.

Brian Robertson achieved a 185 pound juicing weight loss and stopped having multiple sclerosis relapses and running 5-6 days a week.

Another person to discover their inner athlete is Adam Harding-Jones.

Adam said: “I’ve completed a number of cycle events as well as mud obstacle events such as tough Mudder, Hell Up North and Survival of the Fittest.”

#5 – Juicing can improve your skin from the inside out

Katy Thatcher told me: “My skin is clearing up without strong drugs; something I had completely and utterly given up hope on.”

She isn’t the only person to report these benefits. Antonia Joseph told me: “I had always had a dark spot (discoloration) on each of my cheeks, but now those spots are almost gone, and my skin tone has evened out and improved so much there, that it’s not nearly as noticeable as it was before.”

Oh and beauty expert, Liz Earle swears by juicing too, saying “juices are the ideal skin food for this and can also be easily adapted to suit varying skin conditions.”

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