In early 2016 I set a new fitness goal and I quickly made progress towards it…

On 14 January 2016 I wrote on my blog about how after having transformed myself from obese couch potato to ultra-marathon runner I was starting a new chapter in my fitness journey:

“I’ve discovered a love for running and already plan to run some races in 2016, but I also want to do something more.


See, just like I didn’t think I could run, I’ve found that my physical strength is not what I want it to be and despite the big transformations I’ve had with my body, I still have some belly fat I’d like to tone up.


My plan is not to create a ‘show’ body; I’ve learned self-acceptance over the last 7 years and don’t need to change for the sake of vanity. My plan is to increase my functional fitness.


I started my new training programme less than 72 hours ago and I have to be honest with you….


It’s a LOT harder than I expected.”

Within weeks (and with the support of Adey Mills and his awesome team at Trimnasium Performance Gym) the new approach to training was getting easier and as you can see from the picture above, I was starting to get results.

Then it happened…

Leg in plaster and bandages

I was stepping out of a van when I tripped. I didn’t realise a simple trip could do so much damage, but I was wrong.

I tore the ligaments from the bone in my right ankle and spend most of the next 2 months non weight bearing, in a cast and on crutches.

Even when the cast came off and I started my rehabilitation I had to (reluctantly) accept that my fitness goals for 2016 were on hold.

Instead of trying to build the functional body I’d planned, I had to focus on recovering from the injury and allowing myself time to heal.

My friend Jason Gould of Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic did some work on my ankle when the cast came off, helping to get me mobile again.

I then got back in the gym, but with a different focus. I had to train my body to walk again, let alone run or lift heavy stuff.

I saw my fitness go backwards and yet I somehow knew this was part of the journey of MOVING FORWARD.

My injury has forced me back to basics – working on my posture, my stability and things that many of us either ignore or take for granted.

Once again Adey and the team at Trimnasium have been supporting me on my journey. I may be a qualified fitness instructor but I still continue to learn from those around me (and Adey is THE MAN for rehabilitation exercise).

The ‘after’ picture from last March was only ever supposed to be a ‘personal’ selfie for me to see my progress, but the injury happened before I had a chance to take the ‘official’ after photos (and I hadn’t yet achieved the ‘after’ I was aiming for).

I wasn’t going to share it, but when looking through some photos this week in reminded me how much progress I achieve in just over 2 months.

I’m now starting again.

I still have to be careful with my ankle, so progress may be slower. That is ok.

I am approaching this from a place of love… love for myself.

I decided to share the picture for a number of reasons – the biggest being a reminder to myself of what is possible and a public commitment to my 2017 fitness outcomes.

Right now I look like the before picture again, but the next part of the journey is underway.


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