“I felt 20 years younger and had lost all my health issues,” said Julie Duffield.

Julie was suffering from fibromyalgia, delayed stomach emptying and a genetic connective tissue syndrome called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome hyper mobility type (EDS 3). Her collagen was damaged and as a result her joints were not being held in place, often popping out of their sockets. Her illnesses were impacting her whole body and she had been told “there is no cure.”

Not only did she reverse her illnesses, but as a welcome side effect she also lost 3 stone (42 pounds).

Julie is not the only person to look and feel younger.

When people see my before and after photos I am regularly told I look 20 years younger. It is not just about looks. I feel younger, have more energy and am more active than I was 20 years ago too.

Feeling younger and having more energy is something many people tell me about when they have been juicing…

Phil Wood told me, “I have never had so much energy since I was a teenager and feel great, look much better, no bloating which I had, better skin to name a few of many positive effects.”

Simon Faulkner-Barrett said, “Since I started juicing, I have clearer vision not just physically through my eyes but also in my head. I have loads of energy, better skin, I think I look younger. I used to suffer from piles, I feel like a new person and as I was telling someone at work today, I feel more alive today than when I was 30.”

“People think I’m now younger than my actual age, it used to be the other way around,” said Paula Hughes, adding, “My skin improves when I juice, it glows and is just generally younger looking and clearer. My eyes become bluer, clearer and sparkle, maybe that’s what makes me look younger!”

Victoria Green told me how juicing has helped her fully participate in life again. She said, “I no longer feel like I’m ageing, I feel like I’m getting younger.”

It’s not just feeling younger, it is being able to be more active…

Dan Miller said, “I can DO things ‘in the bedroom’ again ~ I can SEE things again; like my feet and everything in between.”

Dan told me how he used to have man-boobs, low libido and sexual dysfunction. He says that since juicing he is “coming into a balance I have never experienced in my 53 years. I look better with a vibrant glow. I feel better with a noticeable spring in my step,”

“I do not experience any of those chronic symptoms any more.  I have improved equilibrium and co-ordination. I don’t have migraines or sleep apnea any longer.  My doctor’s scans are A-okay with normal cholesterol and blood pressure readings. I am not hot n’ sweaty anymore. I feel rejuvenated. I feel younger. I am far more active than ever before, because I have endless amounts of super energy.

Chris Swirski said the biggest changes he has experienced since starting juicing are “weight loss, increased energy and stamina, less joint pain, flexibility, look younger, feel younger…better hair…better skin. Better focus and concentration. It has also had a large affect on my general mood as well. I want to go out there and be more active.”

I am NOT claiming that drinking fresh fruits and vegetables is any kind silver bullet or guaranteed way to stay young. But, I have heard so many life changing stories I encourage you to try adding 1 or 2 freshly extracted juices to your day.

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