Use ‘juice diet’ as a search term on Google and you will get over 43 million results with many of them promising rapid weight loss.

Similarly, I often get messages sent to me asking questions like “how much weight will I lose if I start juicing?”

So here’s my big question…

Do you want to lose weight or do you want to keep it off?

I have to be honest and say I’m not keen on the words ‘lose’, ‘loss’ and ‘lost’ when it comes to weight as they all imply the weight is missing and hence it is likely to return.

I prefer to talk about divorcing the weight because let’s face, following a divorce most people are never going back to their old life.

Despite the fact that ‘juice diet’ has so many search results and those words appear on the cover of many juicing related books (publishers know it helps sell books), you will rarely here people who are ‘juicing’ talk about being on a diet.

Instead, people will refer to doing a juice detox, a juice cleanse, a reboot, juice fasting or even simply saying “I’m juicing at the moment”.

I’ve not written this post to be critical about drinking freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices. Drinking nature’s finest produce has transformed my life and by sharing my experience and knowledge I’ve helped many thousands of people around the world benefit from it too.

I’ve even created several juice cleanse plans and personally do a juice cleanse / juice reboot about 4 times a year.

So what is the difference between a juice detox and a juice diet?

Firstly, let’s get one thing clear… juicing itself does NOT detoxify your body.

Similarly, the numerous detox and cleanse products, such as supplements, teas, soaps and skin creams to not detoxify your body either.

Your body has numerous organs, such as the skin, gut, liver and kidney, that continually ‘detoxify’ it from head to toe. What juicing can do is support your body with its natural detoxification processes.

Think about it. If you stop putting processed foods and drinks, laden with pharmaceutical sugars, chemical sweeteners, salt and fat into your body, surely that is going to help your body to cleanse itself? Also, if you simultaneously give your body nature’s finest plant based nutrition in an easy to assimilate form would this not be beneficial too?

I strongly believe that helping your body to detoxify itself on a periodic basis is highly beneficial to health.

The key focus being on health, not weight.

Dieting is almost exclusively focussed on shedding pounds. It is typically used as a ‘quick fix’ too.

Scales are NOT a measure of health

How many people do you know who’ve been on a diet only to regain all the weight and often end up even heavier than when they started?

Dieting is short term and as soon as people revert back to old behaviours their weight will inevitably return. This is true for all diets, including juicing.

Juice diets can create rapid results, but so often these results are not sustainable.

I am often contacted by people who have tried a juice diet, shed pounds and felt better than they have in years, only to reverse this when they start eating again. I’ve also been contacted by people who have tried juicing for extended periods without following an appropriately structured plan and experienced negative side effects such as hair loss.

Following a well structured juice plan to kick start some changes in your life is great, but please…

DON’T use juicing as the latest yo-yo diet.

As I mentioned above, you will NEVER here those who are ‘juicing’ calling it a ‘diet’ but if you look at the pattern they follow that is EXACTLY what they are doing. 28 days or 60 days on juice only, lose weight get well. Return to old behaviours, gain weight feel rough. Repeat.

There is a thin line between detoxing and dieting and I believe the fundamental difference is the focus. Instead of focusing on weight, focus on health instead.

My experience has shown me that there are 3 things we each need to master to have long-term sustainable health: Attitude, Intake and Movement.

When you address your mindset, the things you put in (and on) your body and you are physically active, then you get your body back to its natural healthy state. In this state your body will find its ideal weight.

I’ve said it many times before and will know doubt say it many more times too: if you want to be as nature intended you need to eat and live as nature intended.

Only when you eat as nature intended will you be as nature intended

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