How well does Juisir, the cold press juicer that requires ZERO cleaning, deal with leafy greens?

A few days ago I posted about a game changing new juicer (called JUISIR) that is described as “an innovative cold press juicer requiring no cleaning.”

JUISIR has been called “a must-have product for busy and lazy people” and “a real solution to the problem with juicing”, but when I first saw it my immediate question was ‘can Juisir handle leafy greens?’

I was lucky enough to Skype the development lab where the Juisir prototypes were build and refined. Not only did I interview the creator, Leo Chen, I was also given a demo of how it processes a number of ingredients…

(Find out more about JUISR at:

JUISIR vs Leafy Greens

JUISIR vs Pineapple

JUISIR vs Banana

JUISIR vs Pears


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