There is always more than one way to look at a situation. What do you normally focus on?

Earlier today I was walking along a street in Wolverhampton when something grabbed my attention. It wasn’t how cold the temperature was outside or the grey, overcast sky. It was even the busy street with cars and buses driving up and down it…

What made me stop and really appreciate my surroundings was the massive contrast between the left hand and right hand sides of the street.

As I walked around there were beautiful white houses to the right of me that would look at home in as the backdrop to a London scene in a disney movie. They each had a black metal railing separating their separating their entrances from the street, reminiscent of something like Mary Poppins. Yet the overside of the road was very different.

Neil Martin checks his phone for messages

It was a scene of urban decay. A boarded up building with discarded litter scattered in front of it and graffiti on the walls that looked like it was probably painted by somebody who was drunk.

This contrast got me thinking.

Every single day of our lives we have a choice to focus on the ‘good’ things, ‘not quite so good’ things or even things that are going horribly wrong.

Point a camera in one direction on that street it could look like a highly desirable place to live, yet by simply facing a different direction you could also capture an image that depicts a place where you really don’t want to hang around for very long.

It is the same with our emotions.

Every day we each have a choice what we focus on. You can live in fear about all the decay and potential disasters in life or you can chose gratitude and love.

For the many years I battled depression I used to live with fear and anxiety. Now I face the overside of the street. Now I choose love (and I never go a single day without practicing gratitude).


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