Everything you do in life has the potential to create a ripple effect… And sometimes you get to hear exactly what those ripples resulted in.

The ripple effect is one of the reasons I started Natural Juice Junkie. I’d seen how people around me had been positively influenced by the changes I’d made in my own life and I want to get the message to even more people.

For example, a former work colleague and good friend of mine, Mark Beddoe, followed in my footsteps and dropped 84 pounds!

84 Pounds Lighter, Juicing Has Changed Mark's Life Beyond Measure

Mark Beddoe – Before and After Juicing

More Juicing Ripples…

Back in December I received a message from Scott Lowe in Noblesville, Indiana in the US about another ripple effect.

In his message, Scott said: “Neil Martin thank you so much for being an inspiration to everyone!” and revealed how he had juiced off 60 pounds and had a doctor who “was doing handstands” reading his numbers and how they have fallen.

Now Scott has messaged me again to say he has been creating ripples of his own.

Scott Juices Off 60 Pounds (5 Stone)

Scott Lowe – Before and After Juicing

Influencing Family and Friends

Scott says: “Before we drank the first juice [of his 60 day juice fast], my brother Dan was on our minds, hoping that something like this could help him.”

“At about the 45 day mark, we got to see him and reveal our journey to him. He said he wanted to try and started his journey in late January.”

“I am sooooooo very very proud to announce that Dan has just ended his 60 day juice fast and has lost…..over 45 lbs!!!! “

“He looks and feels amazing! He says his feet and legs feel so much better and can tell his energy levels are much higher. So together we’ve lost over 100 lbs!! I’m so happy for his success and willingness to try.”

I’ve heard it said that everybody’s life is one of two things… a warning or an example.

I know I’ve been both of them at different times in my life. These days I try to be an example and I encourage you to do the same.


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