Whilst I firmly believe you can’t beat a juice that has been freshly made at home, sometimes it is nice to have your juice made for you… So how does the delivered 4 day juice cleanse from Juicytox measure up?

Last week I decided to try Juicytox and placed an order for a 4 day juice cleanse. Because I wanted to also review the juices I opted to try 2 different juice plans, Juicytox Platinum and Juicytox Premium and ordered 2 days of each.

I was travelling on business during the cleanse, speaking at 2 different events and staying away from home. Sometimes when travelling I take juicer with me but this time I decided to let Juicytox do all the prep (and clean up) for me. So how did it go?

Ordering and delivery of my juice cleanse

The ordering process was incredibly simple and I received a quick confirmation and advice about my first delivery. This was scheduled to be sent to my office and on the day of delivery I received a text message with a 1 hour delivery slot making it easy to arrange for one of my team to be available to sign for the package.

The juices were well packed in an insulated box with ice packs inside and once unpacked were quickly placed in the office fridge.

Juicytox juices in the office fridge

The second delivery was direct to a hotel and again, the specific time slot for the delivery made it easy for me to organise for the hotel reception team to sign for the parcel and hold it for me until I was free to pick it up.

The second box was damaged in transit, but was so well packed that the contents were still intact.

In addition to the juices, the box also contained lemons (for lemon water), herbal teas, straws and a full colour card with the schedule of when to have each juice.

Juicytox recipes

I was REALLY impressed by all of the recipes in both of the juicytox cleanse packages I tried. I also liked the fact that you get 6 juices per day (250ml per portion) and this was based on 5 different recipes each day with a rainbow of colours. The juice that is included twice each day is the green juice.

My only slight negative (and it is slight) is that I would have preferred for at least one of the green juices to be blended with avocado. This is just a personal preference and would not put me off doing a Juicytox cleanse again.

Also, on the Platinum juice cleanse there is both a berry smoothie and a chocolate cacao milk (cacao mylk) each day. Personally I would’ve preferred to switch one of these for either an extra green juice or root veg juice. Again, this is not a complaint about the juice package but rather about my personal preferences.

The best recipe? For me it was the Spicy Lemonade (with activated charcoal) on the premium cleanse. EVERY juice was delicious though and I love the fact that the green juices on the platinum cleanse include wheatgrass juice!

Juicytox Platinum Cleanse

My favourite thing about Juicytox

I’ve tried a few different delivered juice cleanses in the past – mainly from companies wanting to work with me to offer Natural Juice Junkie recipes. Interestingly, because I was sent my own recipes by some of these companies I knew exactly how they should taste. Yet, they didn’t taste as I expected.


I believe it was because the juices had been frozen to extend their shelf life, which also meant a whole week of juice could be sent in a single delivery. Having been frozen and defrosted the juices tastes watery and no where near as good as fresh.

Juicytox juices are NOT frozen, they are fresh and raw. The juices are also truly cold pressed and not made in a masticating juicer. This means the juice is of a premium quality, better than the juicers most people use at home.

The juices are delivered just 2 days at a time meaning they can be sent out without freezing. This sets Juicytox apart from the other companies I’ve tried and makes them the best delivered juice cleanse I’ve tried.



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