Serious about juicing on a daily basis?

The biggest challenge most regular juicers complain about could soon become a thing of the past.

Juisir cold press juice at touch of a button

What does Julavie do differently?

I recently asked the members of my Natural Juice Junkie Community on Facebook what the thing they HATE most about juicing is. Bearing in mind this is a group of committed juicers their opinion is likely to reflect that of juicing enthusiasts across the globe.

The most common response was they hate cleaning the juicer!

Juisir & Juicero - Juicers that don't need cleaning

2 New Juicers, Julavie (previously called Juisir) and Juicero are taking a unique approach to juicing

With Julavie and Juicero, Ingredients are placed in a bag and hence the produce does not come into contact with juicer resulting in zero cleaning of the juicer.

I recently read an article from a juicing machine wholesaler that said Julavie and Juicero “won’t work for most juicing enthusiasts”. Really? If the biggest problem regular juicers face is being removed then surely this new innovation is a good thing.

Personally I think these 2 new machines are setting the direction for the future of domestic juicing and in many ways it reminds me of how the iPhone and Android devices have changed the way we think of mobile phones.

The big difference between Juicero and Julavie actually draws another parallel with the 2 leading mobile platforms (Apple’s closed system vs the more open Android platform).

Juisir - juicing a fresh carrot juice

How do Julavie and Juicero differ?

Juicero, the electrically operated juice press developed by Doug Evans in the US, is a closed system that uses 4 tons of pressure to crush pre-prepared bags of ingredients and produce a fresh glass of juice. The downside with Juicero is that you can only use the pre-filled juice packs and these are currently only available in 3 US states: California, Nevada and Arizona.

As a UK juicer, Juicero is not an option. Also with the pre-filled packs priced between $5 and $8 each it results in an expensive way to make juice when compared to sourcing your own juicing ingredients.

Julavie by comparison enables juicers based anywhere in the world to purchase juicing bags that can be filled at home, enabling any recipe to be made rather than being limited to the small set that Juicero currently offers.

The Juicero bags are recyclable, but due to the closed system each bag can only be used once. By comparison, Julavie is offered with both single use juicing bags and a reusable juice bag that is good for at least 1000 pressings.

Julavie has another advantage over Juicero as it uses more than twice the pressing force to squeeze the juice from the produce placed in its bags (over 8 tons or juicing pressure vs 4 tons in Juicero).

Since I originally posted this article, Bloomberg reported that Juicero’s pre-filled bags can be squeezed by hand, extracting almost as much juice as when processed in the Juicero machine. After hearing this news, Forbes asked Julavie’s founder Leo Chen if his machine suffers from the same redundancy.

His answer? No way. Leo Chen explains: “The big difference between our machine and the Juicero is that the Julavie lets you pack your own bags. Who even know what’s inside the [Juicero] bag? With our bags, you can cut an apple into just two or three pieces and our machine can make juice out of it. I don’t think you can press a piece of apple and make juice with your hands.”

Given this difference and the fact that I am based in the UK and Juicero’s bags are only available in 3 US states I will focus on the machine that is available to UK juicers for the rest of this article: Julavie.

Juicer reinvention or marketing hype?

I remember when I got my first ever mobile phone. I used it to make phone calls and nothing else. I didn’t see the need for SMS messaging. Then when the Blackberry arrived I seriously questioned why anyone would want to receive email on their phone, until I got one. When the iPhone came along I questioned again if I really wanted or needed one. Now it is a necessity to my daily life.

The iPhone solved a problem we didn’t know we had. Julavie and Juicero solve a problem every avid juicer knows they have – it eliminates the need to clean the machine.

This advantage is even more significant when making multiple juice recipes in a single day or wanting fresh juice throughout the day.

Juisir - the cold press juicer available in black

Batch juicing

Right now, most regular juicers will make batches of juice to try and save time cleaning their juicing machines. Another ‘hate’ that juicers in my Facebook community raised is storage and freezing of juices. Sara said her biggest hate was “The 100 million mason jars I use.”

When making multiple recipes for a day of juicing there is often a need to clean the juicing machine between recipes. This is one reason why I limit the number of different recipes per day on my juicing plans. Without the need to clean the machine batch juicing is only required if you are going to be out and about without access to a Julavie machine.

I believe in the future many home juicers will batch prep their juicing bags placing them in the fridge ready to get a truly fresh juice each and every time, in a similar way to how many gym goers have a practice of ‘meal prep’.

The other big difference with Julavie is once you push the start button you can walk away from the machine and do something else while the juice is being made. No feeding ingredients or using a pusher to help the juicer extract the juice.

Cold Press Juicing (and how the juicing industry has been lying to you)

Full disclosure – I’ve been lying to you too. Not in a malicious way, but simply because the term ‘cold press’ has been given a new meaning by the whole industry and I followed suit.

A truly cold pressed juice is made when the ingredients are pressed flat and juice is extracted. This is actually the way the machine often credited as the original domestic juicer, the Norwalk juicer, works.

The Norwalk juicer, launched in 1934, uses a 2 stage process to extract juice. The first stage of the process uses a cutter to shred the produce. This is then placed in a bag ready for the second stage, where the juice is squeezed out using a hydraulic press.

The Norwalk press uses about half a ton of pressure. By comparison Julavie uses over 8 tons (16x the pressure of a Norwalk).

Whilst Norwalk Juicers are renowned for their superior juice quality, a price point of around $2,000 together with no UK reseller and the lengthy 2 stage juicing process has disqualified them as being a viable machine for most home juicers (especially UK juicers who would need to import a machine from the US).

Juisir - green juice ingredients ready for juicing

Common home juicers

The most commonly used home juicing machines for many years were centrifugal juicers that use a fast spinning disc to shred ingredients and extract the juice. Whilst relatively quick and easy to use, these machines are typically noisy and many juicers find they want to upgrade to a masticating juicer in order to get a higher quality juice and dryer pulp.

The thing is that the word masticating doesn’t work very well when promoting machines. As an alternative some manufacturers and distributors started to use the term ‘slow juicer’ instead, but based on conversations I’ve had with some major retailers I can tell you they really dislike this term and believe it turns consumers off from buying these machines.

This has lead to a misuse of the term ‘cold press’ with many distributors and retailers referring to masticating juicers / slow juicers as cold press juicers instead. But…

Masticating juicers don’t actually press anything, they chew it!

What both Julavie offers is a true cold press juicer, not a chewing juicer that pretends it is a press.

Like I said above, I’ve used this description too (sorry!)

Juisir makes fresh orange juice in 90 seconds

Is Julavie the perfect juicer?

I can’t give an exact answer to this, but I will share my personal opinion: the perfect juicer is still yet to be invented.

Question is, was the original iPhone the perfect mobile device? Each new model of both Apple and Android smart phones adds new and improved features. I believe we will see similar in the way new juicing machines are launched in the coming years.

Julavie is a benchmark for the future innovation of juicing machines.

There will always be a die hard following for twin-gear masticating juicers, just as (for the foreseeable future) there will be a market for low cost entry level centrifugal juicers, but I really do believe these 2 new machines are showing the direction that all juicer manufacturers will take their future research and development.

First impressions on Julavie

When I first saw Julavie (called Juisir at the time) I wondered how it would handle certain ingredients, especially leafy greens. From the videos I’ve seen – plus a live demo of Juisir over Skype – they seem to cope with these ingredients really well.

More disclosure

Back in April 2014 I posted a review of the newly launched Optimum 400 juicer (and yes I called it a cold press juicer in my review – sorry again!).

Why am I telling you this? Well, having tested many different machines I was so impressed by the Optimum 400 that I became an ambassador for the brand. The company behind the Optimum juicers and blenders, Froothie, are the distributor for Julavie which means 2 things… 1) I’ve had a very quick opportunity to use a prototype Julavie and 2) I know my association with Froothie may cause some people to accuse me of having an unfair bias.

I only endorse products I truly believe in and use in my home.

Before the Optimum 400 I recommended the Phillips HR1861 centrifugal juicer and for those looking for a centrifugal machine today I currently recommend the machines made by Sage (Breville in the US).

I also regularly test other machines to make sure my recommendations and advice stay current. There are models from a number of manufacturers I am happy to recommend, including the Omega Sana and Kuvings Whole. My personal preference, based on my requirements from a juicer, is the Optimum 700. So will Julavie change my recommendation? It depends on your requirements…

Key things I look for when deciding on how well a juicer works for me include:

  • What is the quality of the juice?
  • How big / small is the juicer?
  • How easy is the juicer to use?
  • How long does the juicer take to clean?
  • Is it value for money?

So how does Julavie shape up?

Juisir - is it a game changing juicer?

Quality of juice

The Julavie machine I got my hands on was a prototype and NOT the final production specification, however my first impressions were really positive.

The juice was very pure and pulp free when compared with the juice from most masticating machines.

Masticating juicers tend to allow some pulp into the juice but the cotton filter in the Julavie juicing bags I tried eliminated this. I believe Julavie are considering an option of a filter with larger holes for people who like a little more pulp in their juice.

I’ve not yet been able to do side by side comparisons with other juicers to compare yields and only got to try a couple of simple recipes.

My experience of juicers in general is that different machines work best with different ingredients. In other words, while one model of juicer may get a better yield from leafy greens a different machine may out perform it on something like pineapple.

I suspect Julavie will be similar, although the comparison results that have been shared with me from the development lab (where they are producing the final spec) suggest for many ingredients Julavie gives 20-30% more juice when compared with a vertical masticating juicer.

Size of the Julavie machine

The original prototype I got to play with was definitely on the large side. The good news is that the production machine will be smaller and having seen a sample of the casing size it sits comfortably on a kitchen counter next to a high speed blender like an Optimum G2.1 or a Vitamix.

Personally I also like the design of the Julavie machine and it think it would look at home in most modern kitchens.

How easy is Julavie to use?

The only effort is in filling the bags. This involves some prep and chopping of ingredients but from my experience of trying the prototype the ingredients don’t need to be chopped anymore than they would for a masticating juicer or twin gear machine.

The biggest drawback with Julavie at present is the portion size. On the prototype machine this is around 250ml, however I understand this was a priority when making changes to the specification for the final production model and, subject to the ingredients used, the portion size has been increased to around 350ml (around the size of a standard can of fizzy drink / soda) and bigger than many store purchased smoothies and juices.

Cleaning Julavie

What cleaning? Seriously there is none.

If you use the multi-use juicing bag then you simply need to pull the cotton filter out, rinse the bag under the tap and you’re done.

Given that cleaning the juicer is the NUMBER ONE issue my juicing community raised as their ‘juicing hate’ this may well be the thing that drives Julavie’s success.

As stated earlier, I am NOT saying that Julavie is a juicing utopia but I do believe it is a template for the future of juicing machines.

Just as the iPhone changed the way we think of phones forever, Julavie could be about to reinvent the way we juice at home.

Juisir available in black, red and silver

What others are saying about Julavie (previously called Juisir)

A number of reviews are focusing on the convenience of Julavie, with Technode calling Julavie ‘a must have product for busy and lazy people’, GI Gadgets saying Julavie is a ‘good choice for effortless home juicing’ and Yahoo! saying the Julavie will ‘make home juicing easier’.

Gadget Flow are focusing on the squeezing strength of Julavie and how it is a ‘powerful juicing machine’.

Forbes have said Julavie is ‘an affordable juicer that promises to produce high quality cold-press fruit juices without requiring post-juice cleaning’.

Julavie is ‘ideal for those who are looking to enjoy a freshly squeezed beverage at the touch of a button’ says designboom.

Trendhunter say ‘you will find Julavie to be the best and easiest way to do home juicing’ and Next says Julavie is ‘one of the best juicing devices on the market’.



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