Do you procrastinate? Here is something I’ve been putting off for ages. I’ve been planning on doing it. I’ve been intending to do it, but I haven’t got around to it. Well, not until now.

And here’s an interesting point…

What do people judge you on? Do they judge you on what you intend to do or what you you actually do?

This might not be the perfect introduction to my new vlog, The Real Neil. In fact, The Real Neil might not be the perfect vlog. But done beats perfect. Done beats perfect every single time.

Regardless of when I started doing this vlog, I know I’m going to wish I’d started it sooner.

I know this because I already wish I’d started this way back in 2009, when I was obese, when I couldn’t walk upstairs, when I was in an early part of the transformation that I’ve gone through with my health, with my life. I wish I’d started documenting things then, and I didn’t.

A big part of the reason I didn’t was fear.

I was afraid of how people would view me. I was afraid of how people would judge me, especially if I started talking about my issues with my mental health. How would people view me if I talked about some of the challenges I was going through?

If you don’t know of my back story already, I’m sure some of it is gonna come out over kind of future episodes, because my plan is just to film myself as I live my life.

I don’t want my vlog to be a planned content piece. Instead, I want to capture what’s going on in my life and my thoughts in given moments.

Why am I motivated to do this? It is all because of that ripple effect.

I love to see how the little things we do scale out and the impact they can have on lots of other people.

Somebody said to me once, in fact, more than once, that you’re life’s one of two things: a warning or an example. I used to live my life being a warning of how not to live. Now I try to live as an example.

My journey to find myself and put myself back together started 11 years ago, in 2006.

The physical changes and the part of my story I’ve shared online started in 2009. That has been an 8 year journey.

However, there were 3 years before that, that were less public, that were much more about what was going on in my head.

I’m blessed to have turned my life around and I’m so grateful for this very moment.

I’m so grateful to be connecting with you. I don’t know how many people will read this, but it doesn’t matter, because if you’re reading it, I’m grateful for you.

I don’t need this to be seen by hundreds of people or thousands of people. If I can connect with one person, that’s why I do what I do. It’s about the ripple effect.

Everything for me is about that ripple effect. It’s about being able to share what I’ve done in the hope that it might help somebody else.


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