Have you ever wondered why some things are easier to achieve than others? Why some things get done when others get put off?

The difference is should vs must.

Many people they think about all the things they should do, but don’t do them.

Sometimes you reach a point where you have no choice, that is when the should becomes a MUST.

A simple example of this is when you purchase something on a finance agreement and then wonder if you can actually afford it.

Once you’ve signed the contract, do you find the money? The majority of people do, because it becomes a must for them.

If you were to sit down and try to make sure you could afford it and found that it would be really difficult or even decide the commitment was too big, would you actually make the purchase? Probably not

There are so many so many things in our lives where we do that.

What’s stops you from doing the things you really want? I mean seriously, if there’s something you really want in this world, what stops you from doing it? What is it that stops you from achieving it already?

If you make something an absolute must, it gets done.

When something is a must, you make something so important that your whole life almost revolves around it, like it’s the only thing that matters. When you do that your chances of achieving it skyrocket.

The must are the things you achieve.

The problem is, most things aren’t a must. Most things are a should. Most things are a “I should do this”, or “I want to do this”, not “I MUST do this”… And that’s the fundamental difference.

So what is a should that you need to turn into a MUST?


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