Earlier today I received the new Julavie juicer…

You may know Julavie by a different name. When it received massive support on Kickstarter and Indiegogo it was called Juisir. Now with it’s new name it has launched in one of the world’s most prestigious retailers, Harrods of Knightsbridge, London.

Julavie Juicer Starter Kit

So what’s in the box?

When opening the Julavie box, the first thing thing inside are three booklets: tips on how to prepare your fruits and vegetables for use with Julavie, a recipe book and warranty information.

Underneath the polystyrene, you then find the Julavie machine itself and something I wasn’t expecting… a juice extracting mitt!

Julavie Juicing Mitt

The packing for the juicing mitt says: “Green leafy vegetables have thicker cell walls and are harder to break down in a press. Rub the textured gloves 10 times across leafy greens prior to inserting them in the filter bag in order to extract the maximum amount of juice via cold pressing.”

So these are basically gloves that, by the looks of things, you use to massage some of the ingredients before putting them into the machine in order to get more juice from those ingredients.

Finally, inside the juicer is a reusable a juicing bag and a number of juicing filters.



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